Why Loft Beds for Teens Are More Popular Then Ever Before

Now more than ever, loft beds for teens have become a popular choice for parents and teens alike, all across the country! As spaces become much smaller and clutter becoming more of an issue, parents in need of space have turned to loft beds to free up that much needed storage space in their kid’s bedrooms. Here are some reasons why have become a growing, popular trend for teens this year.

best loft bed for teens 2016#1 Top Choice Loft Bed for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Check out the reviews for this best-selling loft bunk bed with desk underneath on Amazon. This quality, affordable loft bed for teenagers is a popular choice for parents and teens alike. This loft bed, produced and sold by the popular manufacturer Dorel Home Products, is well known for their excellent products and after sales customer support. Solid construction and made with quality reinforced steel, this stylish yet functional loft bed is a great value.

Loft Beds for Teens Are Stylish, Creative, and Comfortable

Modern loft beds are more comfortable and sophisticated than traditional beds. They feature numerous options for additional comfort, storage and versatility. Teens can now customize their loft beds with personal choices – which makes these beds so desirable.

Lofted Beds Are Ideal for Shared Spaces

Sharing space in a dorm room or with a sibling can be hard. Loft beds are a practical and efficient way to make the most of the mutual room. The additional space can serve as a private area while freeing up more room and providing that extra personal distance between roommates.

affordable loft beds for teens#2 Top Choice Loft Bed with Desk for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Also built and sold by Dorel Home products, this amazingly versatile and stylish loft bunk bed for teens makes the list and takes the #2 rating for best value. This space-saving unit is the perfect study/sleep combination for those looking to maximize their bedroom space – or any other space within the home. Built with reinforced steel and available in either black or silver, this popular loft bed would make a great addition to any bedroom.

Teens Appreciate the Extra Space for Studying and Entertainment

Loft beds are the ideal solution for a small bedroom. Loft bunk beds open up more floor space, and teens can use the space underneath as a dedicated place for study and storage. The area can also serve as a hobby corner or a place to socialize.

Extra Storage Space

Teens need space to store personal items such as books, computers, clothes and other items. The space underneath can serve as not only a storage area, but a place to relax and watch their favorite tv show or hang out with friends. The loft bed with futon underneath is the perfect place to relax after a long day at school.

teen loft bed with workstation#3 Top Choice Teen Loft Bed with Workstation (Based on Customer Reviews)

Coming in at #3 for the top rated loft beds for teenagers is this high quality steel bunk bed manufactured by Coaster Fine Furniture Mfg. This is a heavy duty bunk bed with a bed weight capacity of 250 lbs (including mattress). This trendy yet functional unit is priced slightly higher than similar loft bunk beds with desk, but for good reason. It’s high standards for durability and functionality sets this loft bed apart from the others. Check out the raving customer review and see why this loft bed for teens is a best seller on Amazon!

Loft Beds for Teenagers Come in Many Styles

Today’s loft bed styles are perfect for teens as they combine style with functionality. More and more bunk beds are coming with a variety of different options and features, such as the loft bed with desk underneath, loft bed with futon and loft bed with storage/dresser. A win-win for both parents and teenagers alike!

College Has Made Loft Beds Cool

Thanks to loft beds, college students no longer worry about cramming their possessions into tiny spaces. The rise in popularity of loft beds in college dormitories has made these beds trendy and acceptable for teens at home, too!

The bottom line? Loft Beds for teens are economical, affordable and just plain cool these days! These types of beds offer a lot of extra benefits for teens, while remaining extremely affordable – and offer a cool place to hang out and do homework – without the need to travel too far from their bedroom.