Types of Loft Beds and Bunk Beds

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You might think that there is only one type of loft bed and bunk bed, but you would be very mistaken. While every bunk bed has a top and bottom bed, and every loft bed has a top bed with an open area underneath, there are a lot of possible variations with this design.

From different materials to unique additions, this article will cover some of the types of loft beds and bunk beds that you can choose from.

Standard Bunk Bed

standard bunk bed

We are going to start with the standard bunk bed so that you know what a conventional model looks like. Most bunk beds are made from wood and are identical bed frames that stack on top of each other.

Some come with a ladder on the side while others allow people to climb one end of the beds. This bed can easily detach so both people still have a bed frame when they want separate rooms.

Standard Loft Bed

The standard loft bed is similar to the standard bunk bed, but with some significant differences. The frame is also typically made from wood and there is usually a ladder that helps you climb to the top bunk.

The bottom area is open so that you can place a desk, cabinet, or other pieces of furniture. Many standard loft beds are completely empty underneath. This allows you to stock the area yourself. Other loft beds come with desks already installed.

Triple Bunk Bed

triple bunk bed

Are two beds not enough? The triple bunk bed solves this by placing an extra bed on top.

These aren’t very common because you need high ceilings just to fit the beds, but this can be useful if you have to fit many people into a single room.

These beds usually don’t come apart easily since the frame needs to be reinforced.

Triple Loft Bed

These are called triple loft beds, but it’s more like a loft bed and bunk bed combo. Most triple loft beds are built in an L-shape with a standard bunk bed on one side and a standard loft bed on the other. They tend to have an extended open area for furniture and desks.

Mid Sleeper Loft Bed

mid aleeper loft bed

Also known as lower loft beds or cabin loft beds, these are lower than standard loft beds. If you want the storage advantages of a loft bed but don’t like the height, then this is a good compromise.

The ladder is typically only two rungs high, so this is just somewhat higher than a traditional bed.

This does reduce storage under the bed, but most of these have cabinets and drawers installed so that you can store clothes and items. Many of these loft beds also have a desk attached to the side so that you can do your work.

Loft Bed with a Slide

Loft beds are typically made for older children and adults because the under area is great for studying. However, younger children can have lots of fun with this type of loft bed.

A loft bed with a slide usually comes with both a ladder for climbing and a slide for going down. Many of these beds have a castle motif, but not all of them. You should be able to find a loft bed that suits your child.

L-Shaped Bunk Bed

This combines many of the loft bed benefits with the two-bed design of bunk beds. You get both an upper and lower bed, but they are crossed with one perpendicular to the other. The top bed usually has cabinets or desks attached to the sides for extra storage.

If you want more storage without adding cabinets to the room, then this bed might work for you. It’s bulky compared to other bunk beds, but you should still save a significant amount of space.

Study Loft Bed

study loft bed

A study loft bed is similar to a standard loft bed. You still get the top bed and open bottom area. The major difference is that the bottom area is outfitted specifically for studying.

You can expect a larger and more complete desk. You can also expect extra storage for books, notebooks, equipment, and more. These are best for older children and adults who are serious about their studies.

Loft Bed with Extra Storage

One of the best things about loft beds is the enhanced storage space. But what if a regular loft bed isn’t enough? What if you need even more storage space? There are many loft beds that come with lots of extra storage. Standard loft beds have legs that support the bed.

Loft beds with extra storage don’t use thin legs. They instead use large, reinforced cabinets to prop the bed up. You will normally get about five cabinets on each side. Some even make the ladder out of cabinets. This ensures that you can store just about everything in your loft bed.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

twin over full bunk bed

If one child is demanding a much larger bed, or if you have minimal space and need to sleep in the same room as your child, then a twin over full bunk bed might be right for you.

The top bunk is a standard twin bed while the bottom bunk is a larger full bed. This allows you to easily store the two beds without using much room.

This is nearly identical to a standard bunk bed aside from the larger bottom bunk. It should be easy to separate the beds if you ever want to. Metal frames tend to be a little more common with these beds, and there are often cabinets installed on the very bottom of the bed.

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Folding Loft Bed

These aren’t quite as common as other types of loft beds, but they are becoming more popular. Unlike the other loft beds that are meant to stay in one position forever, these beds can fold up and out of the way. This allows you to use even more space in your room when you’re not sleeping.

Depending on the model, you may need support under the mattress when you fold it out. These beds typically require metal rods to be installed in the wall, so it may not be ideal if you’re living in a rented space where such modifications are typically restricted.

Loft Bed with Extra Weight Capacity

loft bed with extra weight capacity

If you’ve looked before, then you probably know that most loft beds have a weight capacity of around 200-250 pounds for the sleeper. That will work for most people, but not everyone.

If you need a higher capacity or plan to have two people sleep in the same bed, then the standard loft bed just isn’t enough.

While these beds can be tough to find, there are many with capacities of 300 pounds or more. Look for reinforced frames made of thicker, durable material.

Futon Bunk Bed

Not all bunk beds have two regular mattresses. This one has a twin mattress on top and a futon mattress on the bottom. Futon mattresses can fold up into a sofa for comfortable seating.

You can also fold it back down into a mattress for sleeping. While this can be used for both sitting and sleeping, you should be aware that these mattresses are thinner and may not be ideal for some sleepers. That aside, this is a highly versatile bunk bed that is good if you want more seating in the room.

Loft Bed with Bookcase

Loft Bed with Bookcase

If you have a lot of books or small items to store, then you might want to consider a loft bed with bookcase attachment. This comes in two variations.

You can either have an internal bookcase where the shelves are inside the open space, or an external one where the shelves are situated outside the support legs.

Most of these also come with a desk and usually have shelves above the desk for extra book storage. In either case, this is good for storing small items without needing to buy an extra bookcase for your room.

Thin Frame Loft Bed

These loft beds have smaller frames than the others. This allows you to fit the bed into very tight rooms, and it also means more space in your room since the bed frame is so tiny.

Just make sure to check the weight capacity on these beds since they are often meant for children and have lower weight capacities than other loft beds. This is because the frame isn’t as reinforced.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of loft beds and bunk beds to choose from. Each one offers something different. Some prioritize storage space while others give you different two different sized beds.

Picking the right one depends on your exact needs and what you’re looking for from your bed. This is just a short list of options, so keep in mind that if you didn’t find the perfect bed here, it might still be out there waiting for you.

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