Most Common Questions People Ask About Loft Beds

wooden loft bed with desk

Many people are curious about loft beds because they are like one-person bunk beds. They help conserve space and give you a dedicated area for studying or lounging. We answer the most common questions people ask about loft beds so that you can see if these are right for you.

Loft beds are ideal for those looking to conserve space and fit more furniture into their room. You’ll find that loft beds are versatile and ideal for children, teens, and adults depending on your needs.

What is a Loft Bed?

ladder bed with desk

We’ll start with the most common question. A loft bed looks very similar to a bunk bed and it serves a similar purpose. This is an elevated bed that consists of two levels.

The top level is where the mattress is situated. You will climb up, either with a ladder or small staircase depending on the model, to go to sleep.

The bottom level is open. Some models are bare while others have furniture like bookcases, desks, and shelves. The bottom level is intended for studying, sitting around, and storage.

This conserves space because you don’t need to place a desk or other furniture throughout the room.

What is the Weight Capacity for a Loft Bed?

You don’t want the bed to come crashing down while you’re asleep. The loft bed’s weight capacity differs for each model, so be sure to check the model you’re buying, but the common capacity is around 200-260lbs.

However, there are high-capacity loft beds with weight limits of 300+ lbs if needed.

Is a Loft Bed a Good Idea?

loft bed with study table underneath

We can’t give this a simple yes or no as it depends on what you’re looking for from your bed.

If you have a very large room and can easily fit furniture without feeling squeezed in, then you probably don’t need a loft bed.

However, if your room is on the smaller side or you want to fit more furniture in your room without feeling claustrophobic, then a loft bed might be exactly what you need.

A loft bed essentially lifts the bed out of the way and allows you to repurpose that space for whatever you need. If you want to really use every square inch of your room without feeling squeezed in, then a loft bed is a wonderful idea.

What Can I Fit Under a Loft Bed?

If the space is open, then there is quite a lot of furniture you can fit under there. You can place a desk, cabinet, bookcase, TV, shelving, and more. Most loft beds have enough room for an entire sofa or loveseat.

You can also fit an air mattress under there if you have company. The possibilities are endless with what you can place under a loft bed. This frees up a lot of space that you can use however you please.

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What Tools are Needed to Assemble a Loft Bed?

loft bed with shelves and desk

Due to their size, it would be impractical to have the loft bed shipped already assembled. As such, you should expect to assemble it yourself.

This takes roughly 60 minutes for most people and should be quite easy as long as you follow instructions.

Each model is a little different, but common tools include a hammer, adjustable wrench, drill with Phillips attachment, or a Phillips screwdriver.

While assembly is easier with two people, this can be done by one person as long as you are careful.

Should Loft Beds be Anchored to the Wall?

If the loft bed is sturdy and made from the best materials, then you shouldn’t need to anchor it to the wall. However, if the bed shakes a little or the material is thinner than you’d like, then anchoring it could be a smart idea. Simply position the loft bed near a wall and use lag screws or other anchors to secure the bed.

What Materials are Loft Bed Frames Made From?

While there are certainly other materials, the two most common for loft beds are wood and metal, such as steel. There are pros and cons to each. Wooden loft beds often make less noise, are easier to customize, and typically easier to recycle.

Metal loft beds are usually lighter, require almost no maintenance, and come in many different colors. Neither is necessarily better than the other, they just have different advantages.

Can I Change the Loft Bed Height?

double size loft bed

Do you want to set the mattress higher or lower than it already is? While it will take some manual labor, you can indeed change the loft bed height. This is much easier with wooden loft beds.

The posts should have pre-drilled holes for the large screws needed to keep the bed in place. You simply have to create new holes where you want the bed to be moved.

Be sure to read the loft bed’s manual to see if there are any restrictions on moving the bed. Most loft beds use 3/8″ screws, but be sure to check this before drilling.

You then just have to drill new holes and set the bed to the new position. While making the news holes might take some time and effort, this process shouldn’t take too long.

What Sizes do Loft Beds Come In?

The vast majority of loft beds come in the twin size. This size requires less support than bigger sizes, and it’s easier to put together. However, there are loft beds in larger sizes if you need them. They just might be harder to find.

You can find loft beds in full, queen, and king sizes. Be sure to check the weight restrictions, especially if you intend on having two people sleep in the bed.

Do Loft Beds Come With Safety Rails?

Most loft beds come standard with safety rails. These are placed alongside the bed to prevent you from falling out of bed and onto the floor. While you don’t need to install the safety rails, it’s highly recommended if you do.

Even if you rarely fall out of bed, one tumble out of a loft bed can lead to a hospital visit. There are typically pre-drilled holes for the safety rail. You simply have to screw it in to secure it.

Can I Leave a Loft Bed Unfinished?

unfinished wooden loft bed

Most wooden loft beds will come already painted and sealed, but some are made from unfinished wood. This allows you to customize the color and finish yourself, but some people prefer to have unfinished wood.

In either case, you can leave a loft bed unfinished if you’d like. The wood might dry and tiny cracks can appear, but this shouldn’t affect the stability or durability of the bed.

Finishing is recommended to preserve the material as long as possible, and most people think it looks better, but the choice is up to you.

Are Loft Beds Good for Adults?

This question makes a lot of sense since loft beds look similar to bunk beds, which are used more often with children. Some adults might also be worried about the weight limit and the bed collapsing. While loft beds can certainly be used with children, they are just as good for teens and adults.

Adults might have to pay more attention to the weight limit, but they otherwise work very well for people of all ages. In fact, these beds often make more sense with older teens and adults because the bottom area can be used for studying, work, and other activities that younger children would find boring.

Are Loft Beds Good for Young Children?

Loft beds are good for most ages. However, it has been recommended that children under 6 years old never sleep on the top bunk of either bunk beds or loft beds.

It has been estimated that about 50% of all bunk and loft bed related injuries occur from very young children sleeping on the top bunk and falling off. Children over this age should be safe.

Can Loft Beds be Dangerous?

Both loft beds and bunk beds are safe when used properly, but they can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. However, if you know the dangers and act accordingly, then you should be fine. The first thing to think about is the ladder or staircase used to access the top level.

Make sure your hands and feet are dry and that there is nothing slippery on you or the ladder. Keep a constant grip on the rungs and you should be fine. The other thing to consider is the weight limit.

If you are over the weight limit, then there is a chance the bed will collapse while you’re sleeping. That’s why you must consider the limit before getting a loft bed. However, if you are careful about this, then the bed should be perfectly safe.


Loft beds are safe, versatile, come in several different materials, and are good for people of nearly all ages. Not only that, but they conserve space and free up a large part of the room for work, studying, or lounging. Now that we’ve answered the most common questions people ask about loft beds, you can buy your own model with confidence.

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