What is loft bed with storage and review of one

A loft bed is elevated bed that is similar to the bunk bed with the difference that there is no lower bed, but instead free space used for some other furniture, and usually it is some desk that can be built in the loft bed. The loft bed with storage is the best choice for your child’s room or for your teenager if you want to have interesting design and provide more space in the room.

There is no box spring that is required in this bed, since the mattress is on a flat surface board and can be also surrounded by rails. Some of the loft beds with storage do not require rails and allows the person the best sleeping experience. It is used in places with limited floor space, like summer camps, dormitories, hostels or you can just purchase it for the bedroom of your child.

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed, Dark Cappuccino

loft bed with storage  
The beds are supported by pillars or poles on each corner of the bed and there is a ladder that is used to access the loft bed with storage, since it is put at some height from the ground. It is surrounded by rails in order to support the person of falling out and since it is at particular height from the ground, it is not recommended for children under 6 years old.

There are some special loft beds that are especially designed for these children, so it is not recommended to use the traditional ones. These beds are of modern design and are more used these days.



Types of loft bed with storage

The open space underneath the bed can be used for chest, working area or drawers, and sometimes as a dresser. The loft bed with dresser would be the perfect choice for your daughter since she will have her favorite place for dressing up.

The loft bed with drawers is even better option, since there can be put a lot of stuff for easy access. The loft bed with closet provides space for the clothes, so it would be the perfect idea to get one of these. All of these types of beds are recommended, so depending on your space in the room, you can purchase some of the types.

Higher price

The loft bed storage is very efficient and makes the beds useful for everyone. The free area that is underneath the bed is the perfect space. The loft beds can be more expensive than the bunk beds since they contain loft bed shelf used in different manners, drawers or workstations, so the built-in storage capacity and the other features make the price of the bed.
loft beds with storage  
Usage of the beds

There is also a triple loft bed that allows the presence of 3 bunks that are of bed types and are perpendicularly attached in order to form L-shape. This type of loft bed with storage is completely safe since it contains safety rails that keep the person from rolling out and falling on the floor, and those beds that do not include the rails, can be modified to include the rails.

Low loft beds are perfect for elementary school kids; the mid loft is used for adding a lot of storage while the corner loft is a combination of 2 loft beds across a corner.

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed Review

loft bed with dresser  
The type of brand is family owned and operated in the wholesale furniture business. This bed is provided of one of the best brands and is of great value and affordable price. The company specializes on the youth furniture since it carries large selection of bunk beds, captains’ beds, day beds, trundle beds, stairway bunk beds and platform beds.

This loft bed with storage weighs 180 pounds, it is imported from Brazil and the dimensions are 79 x 43 x 41 inches. The item model number is 760-CP and the assembled height is 6 inches, the assembled width is 12 inches and the assembled length is 83 inches.

What are the advantages of having it?

The most comfortable sleep you will ever have will be while sleeping on this bed. The customers are very satisfied of the product and how well the beds are made. It has better quality than the plywood bed from Walmart and the instructions for assembling it are very clear and easy.

You will get the chance to enjoy in the sleep and have a product of the highest quality for affordable price. The bed is sturdy and the concept is totally acceptable by the customers.

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