Guide to buy the Best Loft Beds in 2024

You have various options for adding functionality to your bedroom. Usually, we choose regular king size or queen size beds of our use. However, while you like to pick the most appealing and useful furniture for your bedroom, you may invest on the best loft beds. In your small bedroom, loft bed is the right choice for you. These beds are designed not only for kids but also for adults.

Loft beds cover much limit space, and you may use them for different purpose. The space under the bed is useful as a space for your office work. The loft beds, designed for adults, are bigger than that of the kids. They have the capacity of holding 200 lbs.

While buying the loft beds, you can focus on various factors

Workstations – The modern loft beds present you with a workstation, where you can place your computer. Your bedroom will turn out to be a small studio.

Storage units and shelves – Most of the loft beds are integrated with storage units, including drawers and shelves. While you have stored books on those shelves, you can access them very easily and read them at night.

Stairs and ladders – Check out the materials, applied for designing the ladders of loft bed. These stairs have to be highly durable to keep away from any risk. In the kids’ beds, you may find both slides and ladders.

Guard rails – You can place the bed against the wall, and there must be one standard guard rail with your loft bed. However, while you have placed it at the center of the room, the protective rails are present on all sides.

Capacity of the beds – You have to know how much weight your bed can accommodate. The bigger metal beds can hold 2 adults. Thus, you should make out the weight limits of the beds.

Headroom – It indicates the gap between the ceiling and mattress of loft bed. There must be much space for sitting up on the upper bunk. Use loft bed in a room that has 8’ to 9’ ceilings. You should have minimum 41 inches headroom.

Space beneath the bunk – The room under the loft bed makes the space more functional.

Mattress type – To use the guard rails, you must not use very high mattress. You can find wooden or metal slats for holding the mattress. Choose a high-quality mattress and get comfort from it.

These are all the major factors that enable you in buying the right product for your bedroom. Purchase loft bed of the modern style and make your room beautiful.

Reviewing the best loft beds

We have chosen the most popular loft beds to review them thoroughly.

1. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame

DHP has offered one of the stylish looking innovative loft beds in two different color options. You may choose black or silver finish loft beds that suit best for your bedroom. The solid structure gives you the highest value to your investment. You may install this loft bed in your small apartment or a condo.

Most of the homeowners face the space issue while buying furniture for the room. They have limited space, and thus, cannot place the big furniture very easily. That is why DHP has designed a space-saving loft bed for the users. Although this bed does not cover much space, it gives you the utmost comfort.

Use the ladder to get onto the upper bunk. This bunk has also rails on all its sides, and it is much spacious to accommodate more than one mattress.

Another good feature is that this loft bed is multi-functional as there is a desk below the upper bunk. You may place your books, laptops and other items on this desk.


  • Made of high-quality metal
  • Safest design
  • Resilient structure


  • The directions for setting up the bed are not clear.


2. DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed

We have chosen another loft bed from DHP. There are two color options, just like the first one that we have reviewed. However, its design is slightly different. You can set up this bed in a small room. The frame is of silver color, while the desk is treated with shinning black color. There are two ladders integrated with the bed. One is at the side, while the other one is at the front.

The overall design is based on metal.  Junk place your mattress and pillows on the bunk and have a peaceful sleep. There are also two shelves in adjacent to the desk, and you can place your essentials on it. Like other DHP beds, this one has also guard rails on the bunk.


  • Highly sophisticated look
  • Safe for all users
  • Easy to assemble


  • May not give comfort to the taller persons


3. Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed

Coaster Home is another reliable brand that has designed a unique looking loft bed. However, you can get it in one color, and we think that it suits for all the bedroom color schemes. This bed offers you much usable space, and everyone can sleep on it comfortably. The square tubing style ladder is integrated with this bed, and as this is highly durable, there is no risk of climbing to the bunk. The heavy-duty metal, used for this bed, has made the product much sturdy. Most of the foam mattresses fit rightly to this bed.

The guard rails, attached to the bed, are of good length, and they are intended to give you safety. There is desk with a tray of best size. You can place the computer on the desk and the keyboard on the tray. The shelf is also the good space for placing your essential items in an organized way. In a short and limited space, you can arrange all the items. You may install this loft bed in an adult’s bedroom or kids’ room.


  • Easy access to the bunk by using the ladder
  • Storage space
  • Large sized shelf
  • Built-in rails for better protection


  • Slight tough to set up


4. Coaster Home Modern Convertible Loft Bunk Bed

It’s a twin-over-twin style bed, available in two different colors. Bright cappuccino color and fresh white color. Both these colors add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. You may any of them for your bedroom. This model is different from the other beds that we have reviewed.

The upper bunk is designed to accommodate a weight of 125 lbs, while the bottom section has capacity of carrying 150 lbs. This bottom part is convertible. You may use them two small coaches or as a bed. Adjust the padded seats to use the system in any way. The ladder is installed at the mid portion of the front side. While you are not using the bottom part as a bed, you can get a table surface. Use it as a type of workstation. You can do your essential works by using the table and the padded seats.


  • Microfiber used in the seats
  • The rails are straight and sturdy
  • Convertible design


  • The steps of ladder are slight narrow


5. DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder

While you are looking for the most sturdily designed loft bed, you may rely on this product. With a very high capacity of holding much amount of weight, this bed gives you a good value. Use the loft bed frame for several without any risk of breakage. The metal rods are painted with high-quality coats.

As you get much space below the bunk, you may use it in various ways. For instance, you can place a small table or desk at that site.


  • Space-saving bed
  • Goes with the home décor
  • Best quality metal slats
  • Gives you a space for playing or studying


  • Not easy to assemble


6. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed

While you like to have more than one shelf with your bed, you may choose this product. The metal finish of silver gray color will not get deteriorated easily. You can assemble the bed with no effort. On each of the sides, there are two shelves, and they serve as the storage space.

You may use the shelves as the book storage unit. The ladder is attached at the front section and the system has much space for accommodating twin size bed mattress. To give the highest level of support to the structure, there are different metal pieces, which are highly durable.


  • Good furniture for all bedrooms
  • More than one shelf
  • Safety rails


  • Must be more resilient


Thus, pick any of these products to add a loft bed to your room. They are functional and save your space. Some of these loft beds are also convertible to the bunk beds. Buy wood or metal bed frames for your everyday use. These beds are available at a reasonable price.

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