Cheap Loft Beds for Kids – What NOT to Buy

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap loft beds for kids on the market today that parents need to be wary of. While most loft beds for kids offer high quality and safety standards, there are many that lack either. The truth is however, is that there are just as many good quality cheap loft beds that are just as sturdy and safe as others with similar pricing. The key is, doing your due diligence with research…research…research. If you are shopping for a loft bed here are three things that you need to know about cheap quality loft beds for your child.

They May be Unstable Hence Hazardous

Safety when it comes to loft beds is key. Even though there are regulations put in place to ensure safety is considered, safety is often compromised when making cheap beds or any other items for that matter. You should ensure that the loft bed you settle for is safe and stable even if it means spending a few extra dollars.

Cheap Loft Beds for Kids May Not Last Long

Either because of the quality materials used or due to poor craftsmanship, cheap loft beds for kids often have a poor lifespan. Given that kids generally play and jump on their beds, a cheap bed made with substandard materials and poor workmanship will not stand the test of time – not only will you be putting your child in danger, you’ll spend more money in the long run on replacement loft beds! This does not mean that the most expensive loft bed is the best choice for you, far from it. What this means is that quality comes at a cost in most cases.

They May Lack Features You and Your Child Need

Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes and should include important safety features, such as; high bedside railings (should be 8-12 inches from top of mattress), sturdy ladders in the front and sides of the bed, and proper mounting hardware to fix to the wall to prevent tip overs. In most cases cheap loft beds for kids will be pretty basic and lack these important safety features.

It’s important to keep safety a high priority when shopping for cheap loft beds for kids. While there are some great deals out there that are hard to pass up, take the time and do your research to make sure you’re giving your child a safe, high quality loft bed.

Fortunately, we’ve done some research for you! Have a look below at some top rated, high quality (and very affordable) children’s loft beds with excellent customer reviews!

cheap loft beds for kidsTop Pick – Canwood Whistler Solid Pine Junior kids Loft Bed 

This excellent quality and affordable children’s loft bed is a great value! Constructed of solid pine, there are no worries of broken or cracked welds that may affect the safety of the bed. Meets USA and Canadian Safety Standards (ASTM Certified) for your peace of mind. Comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty as well! Check out the customer reviews – there aren’t too many cheap loft beds for kids with so many positive reviews as this!

cheap loft beds for saleTop Pick – Dorel Home Products Steel Kids Loft Bed

Dorel Home Products is well known for their high standards when it comes to household furniture, and this highly affordable kids loft bed is no exception! Carrying an impressive weight limit of 600 lbs, and constructed of high quality steel, this popular loft bed for kids is an excellent value. Its higher than average bed rails (12 inches) ensure that your toddler is safe and sound when sleeping, no matter how much they roll around at night! This unit also sits lower to the floor then most comparable models (just 44.5 inches with an 8 inch mattress), which offers more peace of mind for kids who are afraid of heights.