A Castle Loft Bed for Your Fairy Princess!

Fairy tale loft beds are every little girls dream! So, it’s no surprise that any little girl would be beyond the moon when she finds out she’s the new princess of her very own castle loft bed. These fun and creative children’s bed are not only a great way to maximize space within your little girl’s bedroom, they’re also a fantastic way to enhance your child’s imaginative side. Imagine all the stories your little girl will have when she emerges from her enchanted bedroom!

While these lovely beds are intended to add more creativity and fun to your child’s room, they’re also meant to help with organization and storage as well. In most cases, you’ll be able to add an extra dresser or shelving beneath the loft bed. However, many of these girls loft beds reserve the extra space for play time. Or you can even combine the space for both storage and entertainment!

Below is our top 3 picks for the most affordable, quality castle loft beds based on customer reviews.

Pink Princess Castle Loft Bed for Little Girlspink princess castle loft bed

This lovely princess loft bed is a popular choice among parents and little girls! With a sturdy, solid wood frame capable of holding up to 400 lbs., this pretty loft bed will hold your child and her friends! Also incorporates a slide and ladder, which are interchangeable. The front, side and rear panels are made with a durable cloth material and are even fitted with cute windows with curtains adorned on each side. This adorable princess castle loft bed is every little girls dream!

Affordable Castle Loft Bunk Bed – Pinkprincess castle girls loft bed

Here’s an extremely affordable girls loft bed with all the features of the more expensive options! This uber cute princess loft bed is constructed of solid wood with high quality cloth panels on all sides. Other features include flower themed windows, slide and easy to climb step ladder. This kids loft bed is not only pretty, its also very sturdy and built to last!

Boys Castle Loft Bed – Blue

boys castle loft bed

Castle loft beds aren’t just for girls! They’re also for little boys, too! This very appealing and cute “prince” castle loft bed has a ton of neat features that any little boy will love! Interchangeable step ladder and slide, quality solid wood construction, eye pleasing colors and fun windows, this little boys loft bed with keep your child busy for hours!

Adding a loft bunk bed to your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be for space saving reasons only. These type of fun and creative loft beds are great choices to improve your kid’s creativity skills and are actually proven to help them sleep better at night!





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