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10 Beautiful Bedroom Decorating Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With!

Looking for some beautiful bedroom decorating ideas to liven up your master bedroom or your kids room? Is your current bedroom decor boring, depressing and just plain dated? Redecorating a bedroom can have tons of positive benefits for you and your family. It creates a more positive and calming atmosphere, and helps improve your level of energy and your mood (it’s true!). Have a look at these inspiring photos that are sure to give you some great bedroom decorating tips and ideas!

bedroom decorating ideas

Master Bedroom Decor with Style!

I love the calming and relaxing environment of the master bedroom. Warm, neutral colors make this master bedroom a great place to relax just before hitting the pillow (or on a rainy Sunday afternoon!)

Modern Bedroom Design Meets Comfort

Modern Bedroom Design Meets Comfort

This cool, modern look is becoming more popular among young adults. I love the smooth white, porcelain floors paired with the granite styled wall decor! The padded headboard is a nice touch as well.

Country Themed Master Bedroom Decor

Country Themed Master Bedroom Decor

Country decor is making a huge comeback in bedroom design! The 4 poster bed looks super comfortable – and the flowered pattern chaise is a nice compliment as well. The wood beamed bedroom ceiling is absolutely beautiful!

Ultra Super Modern Bedroom Design

Ultra Super Modern Bedroom Design

I’m loving this super modern bedroom decor! The massive padded headboard is truly exquisite! The shag rug and the vibrant chaise make a nice relaxing spot tucked away in the corner of the room. The bookcase is a nice added touch!

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Anyone?

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Anyone?

I’m honestly on the fence about the choice of bedroom decor here. I think stressed white bedroom floorboards would look fabulous here in place of the brown shaggy rug!

Studio Apartment Bedroom Decor Made Easy

Studio Apartment Bedroom Decor Made Easy

This studio bedroom decor is quite eye catching! The mixed patterns, colors and variety of furniture styles make this a very unique and sophisticated space! The mirrored closet near the entrance give this studio bedroom apartment the appearance of a much larger space!

Cottage Themed Bedroom Design

Beach Themed Bedroom Design

Let’s go to the beach! This open and airy beach themed bedroom is a nice mix of comfort and fun! The pastel colors and rustic design is perfect for that beach/cottage themed feel.

Romancing the Bedroom Decor

Romancing the Bedroom Decor

There’s no doubt here that romance is in there air with the vibrant read bed sheets! The mix of vibrant colors and earthy tones make this bedroom decor inviting and comfortable.

Bedroom Decor Fit for a Queen

Bedroom Decor Fit for a Queen!

There’s no argument here that even the queen would be pleased with this bedroom decor! Beautiful hardwood floors and and beautiful, floral prints – and the hint of Victorian design – make this one eye catching master bedroom that any couple would love!

Guest Bedroom Decor Made Easy

Guest Bedroom Decor Made Easy

This dual purpose guest bedroom incorporates the smart use of office space and a space for guest sleepovers. A lovely use of space and a calm, relaxing environment for all uses.

I hope these bedroom decorating ideas inspired you to design your own beautiful bedroom space of your own!

Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk That’s Affordable!

If you’ve been looking for an adult full size loft bed with desk that won’t break the bank (or the bed!) we have just what you’re looking for. There’s a growing demand among young adults recently for quality loft bunk beds with desk, as more young professionals opt for smaller, more conservative living spaces. One way to tackle the lack of space within smaller than average living quarters is to maximize the space that you have! What a better way to do this than to combine your office and bedroom into one!

We’ve done some research to find the best quality adult loft beds with desk available today – that won’t be hard on the pocket book. Have a look below at our #1 pick below, based on customer reviews and feedback.

full size loft bed with desk

#1 Top Pick – Coaster Furnishings Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

It’s not too often you find a quality loft bed with features that suits a professional’s needs! If you’ve been looking for an adult loft bed with desk that’s stylish and affordable, you may want to consider this one. With a weight capacity of 300lbs, this adult loft bed is design to hold even the heaviest of adults. Also featuring a full length desk/workstation beneath the top bunk, this loft bunk bed has everything an adult professional has been looking for.

Having a loft bed with desk underneath is a great way to utilize space that would otherwise be taken up by your sleeping quarters. For those really small bedrooms, having a loft bed means not being stuck with a smallish twin size bed – since you’ll be sleeping up above everything, you’ll now have the option to fit that much needed full size loft bed in your bedroom – with enough room beneath for an impressive workstation!

#2 Top Pick – Dorel Home Products Loft Bed with Desk Underneath

full size loft bed with deskComing in at a close second, is this space-saving loft bed with desk – perfect for smaller rooms! This stylish and sturdy loft bed for adults is not only extremely affordable, it’s also highly functional. Features include; a full size desk, two corner shelves, post-it board, high safety rails with openings at top of ladders and a 300 lb weight capacity. This functional yet affordable unit stands out from other full size loft beds with desk for a reason – with features that rival any other comparable unit in it’s class, it’s easy to see why this is a popular choice among young adults.

A full size loft bed with desk doesn’t have to break the bank! Our picks are perfect for those small rooms, while offering affordability, functionality – and most importantly – excellent quality. These adult loft beds are top choices for those looking for a sturdy loft bed that’ll last for years to come.





Loft Beds for Kids with Desk – For a Price You Can Afford

Looking for quality, affordable loft beds for kids with desk that won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve searched the entire web for loft bunk beds with desk that are not only affordable, but have raving customer reviews – we’ve done the searching for you.

All of these highly reviewed cheap loft beds with desk are quality, multi-functional pieces of bedroom furniture that we’re sure your kids will love! Have a look at our best choices below of cheap loft beds for kids that won’t stretch your pocketbook – they’re all very affordably priced – with free shipping!

Our Top Picks – Loft Beds for Kids with Desk

loft beds for kids with desk

#1 Top Pick – White Metal Kids Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

What a great value this white loft bunk bed with desk is! Not only is this affordable kids loft bed a great deal, it also comes with a ton of features that you and your child will love! Includes a separate desk, which is very sturdy and easily stored beneath the loft bed to maximize space. This lovely toddler loft bed also incorporates 2 large shelves (which also serves as steps up to the bed!) to store anything from books, clothes, shoes – and whatever else may be cluttering up your child’s room. With a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, this durable child’s loft bed will allow parents to climb up and read a bed time story whenever they like! Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

cheap loft beds with desk#2 Top Pick – Junior/Toddler Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Coming in at a close second is this wonderfully featured toddler loft bed at a price that can’t be beat! Features tons of extra storage (2 medium sized lockers with doors) and shelving all the way around! A handy desk also accompanies this high quality kids loft bed (chair not included). Safety features include; 12 inch high bed rail all the way around, high weight capacity (300lbs+) and it sits lower to the floor than most other kids loft beds with desk. Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

twin loft beds for kids#3 Top Pick – Coaster Home Furnishings Kids Loft Bed with Desk

This sturdy and stylish kids loft beds with desk would make an excellent addition to any kids bedroom. Fitted with full length guard rails for added safety and an impressive weight capacity of 250 lbs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is sleeping on a sturdy, robust piece of bedroom furniture. The medium sized desk is perfect for doing homework while the extra space beneath the loft bed allows for a dresser or even another twin bed! Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

There you have it! Our top picks for loft beds for kids with desk are not only extremely affordable, they’re backed by amazing customer reviews! Want to check out some more popular and affordable loft beds? Check out the articles below:

Top Rated Girls Loft Beds for 2016

Best Loft Beds for Teens 2016

Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk Review




Which White Loft Bed with Desk is Most Popular in 2016?

Growing in popularity, the white loft bed with desk is a smart choice for teens and adults alike who’re looking to maximize bedroom space. The growing fame of loft bunk beds can be attributed to their unique design, space-saving benefits and best of all, multi-functional uses. Since a loft bed’s main purpose is to open up more useful space beneath it, it creates more room for storage,a workstation and entertainment. One of the trending loft beds in 2016 is the Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk. It is a single-unit bed ideal for people looking to make use of valuable space that was otherwise used for the sole purpose of sleeping.

white loft bed with desk

#1 Top Reviewed – Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk

The Duro Z white loft bed with desk incorporates a study chair and a work area, in place of the lower bunk. This bed is crafted using solid metal to enhance stiffness and durability. The study metal frame has a white finish, which gives it an exquisite, refreshing look and would make a great addition to any décor. It accommodates a twin-sized mattress and is well suited to sleep one person only. 

This unit comes with a detachable ladder, which adds convenience for people who wish to move the ladder to a different location, depending on the orientation of their space. The ladder is capable of supporting up to a generous 320 lbs! It’s obvious that with this white loft bed with desk, safety is the least of your concerns! The upper section is held in place with lined guard rails which are 12 inches high, to guarantee safety while you sleep. 

The lower part that constitutes the work area has a zigzag design, which adds  more structural stiffness to the loft bed frame and touch of stylishness to your room. This work area has a spacious black desk/workstation, which is made of quality engineered MDF wood to withstand warping and provide a sturdy surface to hold your books and computer. 

The Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk is a versatile (and stylish!) piece of bedroom furniture. It’s sole purpose is to maximize room in small areas without the sacrifice of comfort and design. With a industry-leading weight capacity of 320 lbs, this twin size loft bed with desk is a good choice for children, teens and adults!



Cheap Loft Beds for Kids – What NOT to Buy

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap loft beds for kids on the market today that parents need to be wary of. While most loft beds for kids offer high quality and safety standards, there are many that lack either. The truth is however, is that there are just as many good quality cheap loft beds that are just as sturdy and safe as others with similar pricing. The key is, doing your due diligence with research…research…research. If you are shopping for a loft bed here are three things that you need to know about cheap quality loft beds for your child.

They May be Unstable Hence Hazardous

Safety when it comes to loft beds is key. Even though there are regulations put in place to ensure safety is considered, safety is often compromised when making cheap beds or any other items for that matter. You should ensure that the loft bed you settle for is safe and stable even if it means spending a few extra dollars.

Cheap Loft Beds for Kids May Not Last Long

Either because of the quality materials used or due to poor craftsmanship, cheap loft beds for kids often have a poor lifespan. Given that kids generally play and jump on their beds, a cheap bed made with substandard materials and poor workmanship will not stand the test of time – not only will you be putting your child in danger, you’ll spend more money in the long run on replacement loft beds! This does not mean that the most expensive loft bed is the best choice for you, far from it. What this means is that quality comes at a cost in most cases.

They May Lack Features You and Your Child Need

Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes and should include important safety features, such as; high bedside railings (should be 8-12 inches from top of mattress), sturdy ladders in the front and sides of the bed, and proper mounting hardware to fix to the wall to prevent tip overs. In most cases cheap loft beds for kids will be pretty basic and lack these important safety features.

It’s important to keep safety a high priority when shopping for cheap loft beds for kids. While there are some great deals out there that are hard to pass up, take the time and do your research to make sure you’re giving your child a safe, high quality loft bed.

Fortunately, we’ve done some research for you! Have a look below at some top rated, high quality (and very affordable) children’s loft beds with excellent customer reviews!

cheap loft beds for kidsTop Pick – Canwood Whistler Solid Pine Junior kids Loft Bed 

This excellent quality and affordable children’s loft bed is a great value! Constructed of solid pine, there are no worries of broken or cracked welds that may affect the safety of the bed. Meets USA and Canadian Safety Standards (ASTM Certified) for your peace of mind. Comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty as well! Check out the customer reviews – there aren’t too many cheap loft beds for kids with so many positive reviews as this!

cheap loft beds for saleTop Pick – Dorel Home Products Steel Kids Loft Bed

Dorel Home Products is well known for their high standards when it comes to household furniture, and this highly affordable kids loft bed is no exception! Carrying an impressive weight limit of 600 lbs, and constructed of high quality steel, this popular loft bed for kids is an excellent value. Its higher than average bed rails (12 inches) ensure that your toddler is safe and sound when sleeping, no matter how much they roll around at night! This unit also sits lower to the floor then most comparable models (just 44.5 inches with an 8 inch mattress), which offers more peace of mind for kids who are afraid of heights.




Why Loft Beds for Teens Are More Popular Then Ever Before

Now more than ever, loft beds for teens have become a popular choice for parents and teens alike, all across the country! As spaces become much smaller and clutter becoming more of an issue, parents in need of space have turned to loft beds to free up that much needed storage space in their kid’s bedrooms. Here are some reasons why have become a growing, popular trend for teens this year.

best loft bed for teens 2016#1 Top Choice Loft Bed for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Check out the reviews for this best-selling loft bunk bed with desk underneath on Amazon. This quality, affordable loft bed for teenagers is a popular choice for parents and teens alike. This loft bed, produced and sold by the popular manufacturer Dorel Home Products, is well known for their excellent products and after sales customer support. Solid construction and made with quality reinforced steel, this stylish yet functional loft bed is a great value.

Loft Beds for Teens Are Stylish, Creative, and Comfortable

Modern loft beds are more comfortable and sophisticated than traditional beds. They feature numerous options for additional comfort, storage and versatility. Teens can now customize their loft beds with personal choices – which makes these beds so desirable.

Lofted Beds Are Ideal for Shared Spaces

Sharing space in a dorm room or with a sibling can be hard. Loft beds are a practical and efficient way to make the most of the mutual room. The additional space can serve as a private area while freeing up more room and providing that extra personal distance between roommates.

affordable loft beds for teens#2 Top Choice Loft Bed with Desk for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Also built and sold by Dorel Home products, this amazingly versatile and stylish loft bunk bed for teens makes the list and takes the #2 rating for best value. This space-saving unit is the perfect study/sleep combination for those looking to maximize their bedroom space – or any other space within the home. Built with reinforced steel and available in either black or silver, this popular loft bed would make a great addition to any bedroom.

Teens Appreciate the Extra Space for Studying and Entertainment

Loft beds are the ideal solution for a small bedroom. Loft bunk beds open up more floor space, and teens can use the space underneath as a dedicated place for study and storage. The area can also serve as a hobby corner or a place to socialize.

Extra Storage Space

Teens need space to store personal items such as books, computers, clothes and other items. The space underneath can serve as not only a storage area, but a place to relax and watch their favorite tv show or hang out with friends. The loft bed with futon underneath is the perfect place to relax after a long day at school.

teen loft bed with workstation#3 Top Choice Teen Loft Bed with Workstation (Based on Customer Reviews)

Coming in at #3 for the top rated loft beds for teenagers is this high quality steel bunk bed manufactured by Coaster Fine Furniture Mfg. This is a heavy duty bunk bed with a bed weight capacity of 250 lbs (including mattress). This trendy yet functional unit is priced slightly higher than similar loft bunk beds with desk, but for good reason. It’s high standards for durability and functionality sets this loft bed apart from the others. Check out the raving customer review and see why this loft bed for teens is a best seller on Amazon!

Loft Beds for Teenagers Come in Many Styles

Today’s loft bed styles are perfect for teens as they combine style with functionality. More and more bunk beds are coming with a variety of different options and features, such as the loft bed with desk underneath, loft bed with futon and loft bed with storage/dresser. A win-win for both parents and teenagers alike!

College Has Made Loft Beds Cool

Thanks to loft beds, college students no longer worry about cramming their possessions into tiny spaces. The rise in popularity of loft beds in college dormitories has made these beds trendy and acceptable for teens at home, too!

The bottom line? Loft Beds for teens are economical, affordable and just plain cool these days! These types of beds offer a lot of extra benefits for teens, while remaining extremely affordable – and offer a cool place to hang out and do homework – without the need to travel too far from their bedroom.