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Affordable Loft Bed with Desk, Adult Loft Beds and Loft Beds for Kids!

There’s no question that loft beds for kids, adults and teens are becoming more and more popular as people look to maximize space and create more functionality within their bedrooms. And what a great way to use that empty space above our heads in order to accomplish this! By raising a bed space 4 feet or more, we’ve now created at least 18 square feet of space that could be used for storage, study and entertainment!

If you’re in the market for a cheap, quality full loft bed with desk for yourself, your children – or you’re a student with a small college dorm looking to free up some extra space with a triple bunk bed – have a look at our excellent selection of quality, affordable loft beds for adults, teens and kids loft beds. The selection you see is based on quality, price and customer reviews, so you know you’re getting the best loft bed deals available on the web today!

Loft Beds for Kids – Most Popular Styles and Top Customer Reviews

There is a huge selection of kids loft beds out there today, and with so many options and styles to choose from, it’s not an easy task finding quality, cheap loft beds for kids that will suit your bedroom space requirements! Fortunately, we’ve done our research and have come up with some of the most popular and best reviewed kids loft beds on the web today. Whether you’re looking for a treehouse loft bed, a playhouse loft bed or even a castle loft bed (for your little girl) we have you covered!

Affordable Kids Loft Bed With Desk

Free Shipping

Stairs for Easy Entry and Exit

High Bed Rails for Safety

Accepts Full Size Twin Mattress

Integrated Study Desk Beneath

Storage Beneath Stairs

Sturdy, Metal Frame Design

Most Popular!

Free Shipping

Solid Pine

Wide Ladder Steps

Integrated Bookshelf

3 Drawer Dresser

Movable Study Desk

Low Loft Bed

Excellent Reviews!

Free Shipping

Desk with Coaster Wheels

Storage Shelves

Full, High Bed Rails

Accepts Full Twin Mattress

Sturdy Steel Construction

Supports 250lbs Max Weight

On Sale!


Quality, Affordable Kids and Toddler Loft Bed With Slide

Free Shipping

Low Loft Bed

Sturdy, Colorful Slide

Tent with Windows

Sturdy, Metal Tubular Frame

High Safety Rails

Excellent Reviews!

Excellent Reviews!

Free Shipping

Solid Brazilian Pine

Low Loft Bed

Tent with Door and Windows

Very Sturdy Construction

Easy Assembly

Space Saver!

Good Value!

Free Shipping

Low Stance for Safety

Solid Steel Construction

Full, High Bed Rails

Accepts Full Twin Mattress

Sturdy Slide 150lbs Limit

Sale Price!

34% Off!


Most Popular Loft Bunk Beds for Teens – Top Reviewed

Loft beds for teens are becoming more and more popular as bedroom spaces grow smaller and their personal needs continue to expand! A popular choice for teens and parents is the loft bunk bed with desk underneath, which is a super way to add a comfortable study and entertainment area to a teen’s bedroom – without sacrificing space or comfort! Have a house full of teens with minimal bedroom space? You might want to consider an L Shaped Loft Bed – the perfect way to maximize bedroom space! Have a look at the popular, affordable loft beds with desks below for teens – these are all top rated with excellent customer reviews.

Affordable Loft Beds for Teens With Desk/Workstation

Free Shipping

Stylish Design

Twin Size Mattress

Full Length Workstation

Quality Metal Frame

High Safety Rails

Easy to Assemble

Excellent Reviews!

Free Shipping

Full Size Loft Bed

Low Loft Bed

Workstation Underneath

Shelves and Post-It Board

Easy Assembly

Lots of Positive Reviews

Good Value!

Free Shipping

Twin Size Loft Bed

Low Loft Bed

Full Length Desk

Robust Metal Frame

Easy Assembly

Lots of Positive Reviews

Good Value!


Quality, Affordable Full Size Loft Beds for Adults

Adult loft beds are becoming a popular choice for young professionals as they continue to downsize their living space with studio apartments, smaller houses and bungalow style living. With this change in lifestyle comes the need to create more usable space within the bedroom or living area, and what better way to do this than with an adult full size loft bed with desk.

To create a more usable, professional space, adults will be happy to know that many of the loft bunk beds offered today are designed with the professional adult in mind. So, what does this mean? Plenty of usable accessories that are carefully integrated with the loft bed to upgrade the functionality of the space beneath. Adult loft beds with desk underneath are the perfect choice for adults and young professionals who wish to combine their office space with the bedroom space.

Below are some excellent loft bed deals that will suit any young professional’s budget. Most not only come with a full workstation, but are come with storage, shelving and post-it boards!

Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk

Free Shipping

Stylish Design

Accepts Full Size Mattress

Full Length Workstation

Sturdy Wood Frame

High Safety Rails

250 lb Weight Capacity

Excellent Reviews!

Free Shipping

Full Size Loft Bed

Solid, Metal Frame

Workstation Underneath

Integrated Bookshelves

Easy Assembly

Perfect for Adults!

Good Value!

Free Shipping

Full/Double Loft

300 lb. Weight Capacity

Excellent Quality

Desk with Keyboard Tray

Full Workstation Beneath

Excellent Value!

Most Popular!


Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes and levels of functionality. Looking for a study area to integrate beneath your loft bed? A loft bed with desk underneath is just the answer! For those of you looking for storage as well, there are plenty of loft beds with desk and storage that will suit your needs while adding a little style to your bedroom décor.

If you’re looking for even more selection – such as adult loft beds with futon, check out even more affordable loft beds sales below. You’ll find an excellent selection of quality, cheap loft beds for girls, adults and teens with only the best customer reviews.

Loft Beds for Kids with Desk – For a Price You Can Afford

Looking for quality, affordable loft beds for kids with desk that won’t break the bank? Look no further! We’ve searched the entire web for loft bunk beds with desk that are not only affordable, but have raving customer reviews – we’ve done the searching for you.

All of these highly reviewed cheap loft beds with desk are quality, multi-functional pieces of bedroom furniture that we’re sure your kids will love! Have a look at our best choices below of cheap loft beds for kids that won’t stretch your pocketbook – they’re all very affordably priced – with free shipping!

Our Top Picks – Loft Beds for Kids with Desk

loft beds for kids with desk

#1 Top Pick – White Metal Kids Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

What a great value this white loft bunk bed with desk is! Not only is this affordable kids loft bed a great deal, it also comes with a ton of features that you and your child will love! Includes a separate desk, which is very sturdy and easily stored beneath the loft bed to maximize space. This lovely toddler loft bed also incorporates 2 large shelves (which also serves as steps up to the bed!) to store anything from books, clothes, shoes – and whatever else may be cluttering up your child’s room. With a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, this durable child’s loft bed will allow parents to climb up and read a bed time story whenever they like! Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

cheap loft beds with desk#2 Top Pick – Junior/Toddler Loft Bed with Desk and Storage

Coming in at a close second is this wonderfully featured toddler loft bed at a price that can’t be beat! Features tons of extra storage (2 medium sized lockers with doors) and shelving all the way around! A handy desk also accompanies this high quality kids loft bed (chair not included). Safety features include; 12 inch high bed rail all the way around, high weight capacity (300lbs+) and it sits lower to the floor than most other kids loft beds with desk. Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

twin loft beds for kids#3 Top Pick – Coaster Home Furnishings Kids Loft Bed with Desk

This sturdy and stylish kids loft beds with desk would make an excellent addition to any kids bedroom. Fitted with full length guard rails for added safety and an impressive weight capacity of 250 lbs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your child is sleeping on a sturdy, robust piece of bedroom furniture. The medium sized desk is perfect for doing homework while the extra space beneath the loft bed allows for a dresser or even another twin bed! Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

There you have it! Our top picks for loft beds for kids with desk are not only extremely affordable, they’re backed by amazing customer reviews! Want to check out some more popular and affordable loft beds? Check out the articles below:

Top Rated Girls Loft Beds for 2018

Best Loft Beds for Teens 2018

Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk Review




Cheap Loft Beds for Kids – What NOT to Buy

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap loft beds for kids on the market today that parents need to be wary of. While most loft beds for kids offer high quality and safety standards, there are many that lack either. The truth is however, is that there are just as many good quality cheap loft beds that are just as sturdy and safe as others with similar pricing. The key is, doing your due diligence with research…research…research. If you are shopping for a loft bed here are three things that you need to know about cheap quality loft beds for your child.

They May be Unstable Hence Hazardous

Safety when it comes to loft beds is key. Even though there are regulations put in place to ensure safety is considered, safety is often compromised when making cheap beds or any other items for that matter. You should ensure that the loft bed you settle for is safe and stable even if it means spending a few extra dollars.

Cheap Loft Beds for Kids May Not Last Long

Either because of the quality materials used or due to poor craftsmanship, cheap loft beds for kids often have a poor lifespan. Given that kids generally play and jump on their beds, a cheap bed made with substandard materials and poor workmanship will not stand the test of time – not only will you be putting your child in danger, you’ll spend more money in the long run on replacement loft beds! This does not mean that the most expensive loft bed is the best choice for you, far from it. What this means is that quality comes at a cost in most cases.

They May Lack Features You and Your Child Need

Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes and should include important safety features, such as; high bedside railings (should be 8-12 inches from top of mattress), sturdy ladders in the front and sides of the bed, and proper mounting hardware to fix to the wall to prevent tip overs. In most cases cheap loft beds for kids will be pretty basic and lack these important safety features.

It’s important to keep safety a high priority when shopping for cheap loft beds for kids. While there are some great deals out there that are hard to pass up, take the time and do your research to make sure you’re giving your child a safe, high quality loft bed.

Fortunately, we’ve done some research for you! Have a look below at some top rated, high quality (and very affordable) children’s loft beds with excellent customer reviews!

cheap loft beds for kidsTop Pick – Canwood Whistler Solid Pine Junior kids Loft Bed 

This excellent quality and affordable children’s loft bed is a great value! Constructed of solid pine, there are no worries of broken or cracked welds that may affect the safety of the bed. Meets USA and Canadian Safety Standards (ASTM Certified) for your peace of mind. Comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty as well! Check out the customer reviews – there aren’t too many cheap loft beds for kids with so many positive reviews as this!

cheap loft beds for saleTop Pick – Dorel Home Products Steel Kids Loft Bed

Dorel Home Products is well known for their high standards when it comes to household furniture, and this highly affordable kids loft bed is no exception! Carrying an impressive weight limit of 600 lbs, and constructed of high quality steel, this popular loft bed for kids is an excellent value. Its higher than average bed rails (12 inches) ensure that your toddler is safe and sound when sleeping, no matter how much they roll around at night! This unit also sits lower to the floor then most comparable models (just 44.5 inches with an 8 inch mattress), which offers more peace of mind for kids who are afraid of heights.




Which White Loft Bed with Desk is Most Popular in 2018?

Growing in popularity, the white loft bed with desk is a smart choice for teens and adults alike who’re looking to maximize bedroom space. The growing fame of loft bunk beds can be attributed to their unique design, space-saving benefits and best of all, multi-functional uses. Since a loft bed’s main purpose is to open up more useful space beneath it, it creates more room for storage, a workstation and entertainment. One of the trending loft beds in 2018 is the Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk. It is a single-unit bed ideal for people looking to make use of valuable space that was otherwise used for the sole purpose of sleeping.

white loft bed with desk

#1 Top Reviewed – Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk

The Duro Z white loft bed with desk incorporates a study chair and a work area, in place of the lower bunk. This bed is crafted using solid metal to enhance stiffness and durability. The study metal frame has a white finish, which gives it an exquisite, refreshing look and would make a great addition to any décor. It accommodates a twin-sized mattress and is well suited to sleep one person only. 

This unit comes with a detachable ladder, which adds convenience for people who wish to move the ladder to a different location, depending on the orientation of their space. The ladder is capable of supporting up to a generous 320 lbs! It’s obvious that with this white loft bed with desk, safety is the least of your concerns! The upper section is held in place with lined guard rails which are 12 inches high, to guarantee safety while you sleep. 

The lower part that constitutes the work area has a zigzag design, which adds  more structural stiffness to the loft bed frame and touch of stylishness to your room. This work area has a spacious black desk/workstation, which is made of quality engineered MDF wood to withstand warping and provide a sturdy surface to hold your books and computer. 

The Duro Z White Loft Bed with Desk is a versatile (and stylish!) piece of bedroom furniture. It’s sole purpose is to maximize room in small areas without the sacrifice of comfort and design. With a industry-leading weight capacity of 320 lbs, this twin size loft bed with desk is a good choice for children, teens and adults!



Guide to buy the Best Loft Beds in 2018

You have various options for adding functionality to your bedroom. Usually, we choose regular king size or queen size beds of our use. However, while you like to pick the most appealing and useful furniture for your bedroom, you may invest on the best loft beds. In your small bedroom, loft bed is the right choice for you. These beds are designed not only for kids but also for adults.

Loft beds cover much limit space, and you may use them for different purpose. The space under the bed is useful as a space for your office work. The loft beds, designed for adults, are bigger than that of the kids. They have the capacity of holding 200 lbs.

While buying the loft beds, you can focus on various factors

Workstations – The modern loft beds present you with a workstation, where you can place your computer. Your bedroom will turn out to be a small studio.

Storage units and shelves – Most of the loft beds are integrated with storage units, including drawers and shelves. While you have stored books on those shelves, you can access them very easily and read them at night.

Stairs and ladders – Check out the materials, applied for designing the ladders of loft bed. These stairs have to be highly durable to keep away from any risk. In the kids’ beds, you may find both slides and ladders.

Guard rails – You can place the bed against the wall, and there must be one standard guard rail with your loft bed. However, while you have placed it at the center of the room, the protective rails are present on all sides.

Capacity of the beds – You have to know how much weight your bed can accommodate. The bigger metal beds can hold 2 adults. Thus, you should make out the weight limits of the beds.

Headroom – It indicates the gap between the ceiling and mattress of loft bed. There must be much space for sitting up on the upper bunk. Use loft bed in a room that has 8’ to 9’ ceilings. You should have minimum 41 inches headroom.

Space beneath the bunk – The room under the loft bed makes the space more functional.

Mattress type – To use the guard rails, you must not use very high mattress. You can find wooden or metal slats for holding the mattress. Choose a high-quality mattress and get comfort from it.

These are all the major factors that enable you in buying the right product for your bedroom. Purchase loft bed of the modern style and make your room beautiful.

Reviewing the best loft beds

We have chosen the most popular loft beds to review them thoroughly.

1. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame

DHP has offered one of the stylish looking innovative loft beds in two different color options. You may choose black or silver finish loft beds that suit best for your bedroom. The solid structure gives you the highest value to your investment. You may install this loft bed in your small apartment or a condo.

Most of the homeowners face the space issue while buying furniture for the room. They have limited space, and thus, cannot place the big furniture very easily. That is why DHP has designed a space-saving loft bed for the users. Although this bed does not cover much space, it gives you the utmost comfort.

Use the ladder to get onto the upper bunk. This bunk has also rails on all its sides, and it is much spacious to accommodate more than one mattress.

Another good feature is that this loft bed is multi-functional as there is a desk below the upper bunk. You may place your books, laptops and other items on this desk.


  • Made of high-quality metal
  • Safest design
  • Resilient structure


  • The directions for setting up the bed are not clear.


2. DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed

We have chosen another loft bed from DHP. There are two color options, just like the first one that we have reviewed. However, its design is slightly different. You can set up this bed in a small room. The frame is of silver color, while the desk is treated with shinning black color. There are two ladders integrated with the bed. One is at the side, while the other one is at the front. The overall design is based on metal.  Junk place your mattress and pillows on the bunk and have a peaceful sleep. There are also two shelves in adjacent to the desk, and you can place your essentials on it. Like other DHP beds, this one has also guard rails on the bunk.


  • Highly sophisticated look
  • Safe for all users
  • Easy to assemble


  • May not give comfort to the taller persons


3. Coaster Fine Furniture 460023 Loft Bed

Coaster Home is another reliable brand that has designed a unique looking loft bed. However, you can get it in one color, and we think that it suits for all the bedroom color schemes. This bed offers you much usable space, and everyone can sleep on it comfortably. The square tubing style ladder is integrated with this bed, and as this is highly durable, there is no risk of climbing to the bunk. The heavy-duty metal, used for this bed, has made the product much sturdy. Most of the foam mattresses fit rightly to this bed.

The guard rails, attached to the bed, are of good length, and they are intended to give you safety. There is desk with a tray of best size. You can place the computer on the desk and the keyboard on the tray. The shelf is also the good space for placing your essential items in an organized way. In a short and limited space, you can arrange all the items. You may install this loft bed in an adult’s bedroom or kids’ room.


  • Easy access to the bunk by using the ladder
  • Storage space
  • Large sized shelf
  • Built-in rails for better protection


  • Slight tough to set up


4. Coaster Home Modern Convertible Loft Bunk Bed

It’s a twin-over-twin style bed, available in two different colors. Bright cappuccino color and fresh white color. Both these colors add an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. You may any of them for your bedroom. This model is different from the other beds that we have reviewed.

The upper bunk is designed to accommodate a weight of 125 lbs, while the bottom section has capacity of carrying 150 lbs. This bottom part is convertible. You may use them two small coaches or as a bed. Adjust the padded seats to use the system in any way. The ladder is installed at the mid portion of the front side. While you are not using the bottom part as a bed, you can get a table surface. Use it as a type of workstation. You can do your essential works by using the table and the padded seats.


  • Microfiber used in the seats
  • The rails are straight and sturdy
  • Convertible design


  • The steps of ladder are slight narrow


5. DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder

While you are looking for the most sturdily designed loft bed, you may rely on this product. With a very high capacity of holding much amount of weight, this bed gives you a good value. Use the loft bed frame for several without any risk of breakage. The metal rods are painted with high-quality coats.

As you get much space below the bunk, you may use it in various ways. For instance, you can place a small table or desk at that site.


  • Space-saving bed
  • Goes with the home décor
  • Best quality metal slats
  • Gives you a space for playing or studying


  • Not easy to assemble


6. DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed

While you like to have more than one shelf with your bed, you may choose this product. The metal finish of silver gray color will not get deteriorated easily. You can assemble the bed with no effort. On each of the sides, there are two shelves, and they serve as the storage space. You may use the shelves as the book storage unit. The ladder is attached at the front section and the system has much space for accommodating twin size bed mattress. To give the highest level of support to the structure, there are different metal pieces, which are highly durable.


  • Good furniture for all bedrooms
  • More than one shelf
  • Safety rails


  • Must be more resilient


Thus, pick any of these products to add a loft bed to your room. They are functional and save your space. Some of these loft beds are also convertible to the bunk beds. Buy wood or metal bed frames for your everyday use. These beds are available at a reasonable price.

The Perfect Affordable “L” Shaped Loft Bed

An “L” shaped loft bed is the perfect solution for families with 2 or more children sharing the same bedroom. Or, a great addition to a guest bedroom that also serves as an office! These unique loft beds are also becoming more popular in college dorms as they open up valuable space beneath the beds that can be used for study and entertainment. These loft beds – which can sleep up to 3 people – are also a great choice for cabins, small apartments and even studio apartments which are shared by more then one person.

One particular problem with these unique, space saving loft beds was that they were either hard to find, or very expensive! Fortunately, we’ve done some research and found the perfect L shaped loft bed that’s perfect for kids, teens and adults alike! Even better, this loft bed is sale priced – and has enough room beneath for a few desks and plenty of storage options.

Solid Wood L Shaped Loft Bed for Kids, Teens and Adults

l shaped loft bed

On Sale Now with FREE Shipping

Read all Customer Reviews Here (5.0/5 Stars)

Proudly made in the USA of sturdy Pine, this quality, affordable loft bed for 3 is an obvious choice for people not only looking for quality construction, but style that meets their standards as well. Very well priced (with Free Shipping by the way!) this unit is the perfect balance between affordability and style. Other great features include:

  • Quality Triple Stained Pine Construction
  • 250 lbs Max Weight Capacity for Each Bed
  • Accepts Up to an 8 inch Mattress
  • Perfect for Kids (6+ Years), Teens and Adults
  • Easy to Assembly
  • Removable Lower Bunk Bed
  • Manufactured in the USA

With great features like you see above, it’s easy to see why this loft bed is such a great deal – and so popular among adults, teens and kids.



Why Loft Beds for Teens Are More Popular Then Ever Before

Now more than ever, loft beds for teens have become a popular choice for parents and teens alike, all across the country! As spaces become much smaller and clutter becoming more of an issue, parents in need of space have turned to loft beds to free up that much needed storage space in their kid’s bedrooms. Here are some reasons why have become a growing, popular trend for teens this year.

best loft bed for teens 2016#1 Top Choice Loft Bed for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Check out the reviews for this best-selling loft bunk bed with desk underneath on Amazon. This quality, affordable loft bed for teenagers is a popular choice for parents and teens alike. This loft bed, produced and sold by the popular manufacturer Dorel Home Products, is well known for their excellent products and after sales customer support. Solid construction and made with quality reinforced steel, this stylish yet functional loft bed is a great value.

Loft Beds for Teens Are Stylish, Creative, and Comfortable

Modern loft beds are more comfortable and sophisticated than traditional beds. They feature numerous options for additional comfort, storage and versatility. Teens can now customize their loft beds with personal choices – which makes these beds so desirable.

Lofted Beds Are Ideal for Shared Spaces

Sharing space in a dorm room or with a sibling can be hard. Loft beds are a practical and efficient way to make the most of the mutual room. The additional space can serve as a private area while freeing up more room and providing that extra personal distance between roommates.

affordable loft beds for teens#2 Top Choice Loft Bed with Desk for Teens (Based on Customer Reviews)

Also built and sold by Dorel Home products, this amazingly versatile and stylish loft bunk bed for teens makes the list and takes the #2 rating for best value. This space-saving unit is the perfect study/sleep combination for those looking to maximize their bedroom space – or any other space within the home. Built with reinforced steel and available in either black or silver, this popular loft bed would make a great addition to any bedroom.

Teens Appreciate the Extra Space for Studying and Entertainment

Loft beds are the ideal solution for a small bedroom. Loft bunk beds open up more floor space, and teens can use the space underneath as a dedicated place for study and storage. The area can also serve as a hobby corner or a place to socialize.

Extra Storage Space

Teens need space to store personal items such as books, computers, clothes and other items. The space underneath can serve as not only a storage area, but a place to relax and watch their favorite tv show or hang out with friends. The loft bed with futon underneath is the perfect place to relax after a long day at school.

teen loft bed with workstation#3 Top Choice Teen Loft Bed with Workstation (Based on Customer Reviews)

Coming in at #3 for the top rated loft beds for teenagers is this high quality steel bunk bed manufactured by Coaster Fine Furniture Mfg. This is a heavy duty bunk bed with a bed weight capacity of 250 lbs (including mattress). This trendy yet functional unit is priced slightly higher than similar loft bunk beds with desk, but for good reason. It’s high standards for durability and functionality sets this loft bed apart from the others. Check out the raving customer review and see why this loft bed for teens is a best seller on Amazon!

Loft Beds for Teenagers Come in Many Styles

Today’s loft bed styles are perfect for teens as they combine style with functionality. More and more bunk beds are coming with a variety of different options and features, such as the loft bed with desk underneath, loft bed with futon and loft bed with storage/dresser. A win-win for both parents and teenagers alike!

College Has Made Loft Beds Cool

Thanks to loft beds, college students no longer worry about cramming their possessions into tiny spaces. The rise in popularity of loft beds in college dormitories has made these beds trendy and acceptable for teens at home, too!

The bottom line? Loft Beds for teens are economical, affordable and just plain cool these days! These types of beds offer a lot of extra benefits for teens, while remaining extremely affordable – and offer a cool place to hang out and do homework – without the need to travel too far from their bedroom.




Make Sleeping More Fun! Affordable Loft Beds For Kids in 2018

Over the years, loft beds have become immensely popular as they are very reliable, safe and most importantly, they are very comfortable. Furthermore, a loft bed is a double-bunked bed with the bottom bunk removed. That leaves you with a level well above the ground and with considerable space beneath the upper bunk. Needless to say, loft beds are a great way to free up space and give your kids more room in their bedrooms.

Besides, regardless of how big or small our living space is, we run a constant battle with lack of space. This is especially true for those who live in small apartments and have to use their bedrooms as living areas. With a loft bed, not only you get that much needed extra space, but will also get a comfortable and cozy bed for your little one.

affordable loft beds for kids

Add to that, a child will love climbing into loft beds, and even when they don’t have anyone to share a room with, it would be fun to have a bed where they can climb on to and sleep and their very own playing area right under. However, choosing a high-quality and affordable loft bed for kids is not easy as it sounds, considering the fact that you have to take into account a number of factors before making the final purchase.

Add to that, there are a plethora of online stores selling affordable full-size loft beds flooding the market, which makes it harder to select the best one for you. Not to mention, depending on the brand, design and style, they can turn out to be extremely pricey. However, if you keep your eyes open and do your homework, you’ll end up with a better, more affordable loft beds that are also easier to maintain.

Read on to find out five tips to choose a loft bed

1. Shop around – One of the major factors that you need to take into account for choosing the best affordable loft beds for kids is making sure you look around and check out as many stores as you can. Besides, you might be able to find a better quality loft bed in the same price range.

2. Determine the maximum weight – Even though they are durable and sturdy, loft beds have their maximum weight capacity. Generally, it is around 200 pounds. Though kids are usually small, they may fill the top bed with so many things, causing it to collapse.

3. You should not compromise on quality – Let’s face it, if the loft bed isn’t manufactured properly or the mattress isn’t a good fit or the bed isn’t soft enough, you shouldn’t buy it, even if it saves you a bundle. Furthermore, make sure you properly check the quality of the loft bed before making the purchase.

4. Check the rails – It goes without saying, that you should never purchase any bed that does not come with guard rails. Furthermore, the rail should not be too far from the mattress and they should be at least three to five inches in height. The guardrail opening, on the other hand, should be less than three inches, preventing the head from getting caught in between the rails.

5. Comfortable and stable – Last but certainly not the least is making sure you buy a loft bed that is comfortable and stable. Besides, you wouldn’t want to buy a bed that looks nice but isn’t comfortable to sleep in. Be sure to test out the comfort level before making the final purchase.

Still not sure how to find the best affordable loft beds for your kids? We have done the research for you and found the most popular loft bed for kids in 2018.

Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed

The Canwood Whistler Junior Loft Bed will get your kid excited about bedtime. With high-quality solid pine wood and composites construction, the loft bed comes in four non-toxic finishes, including a natural one that you can paint to match your kid’s existing furniture.

affordable loft beds

For extra safety, it is lower to the ground than traditional loft beds and also has full-length guard rails. In addition, the actual mattress frame is raised up to give ample amount of space for great organizational options below.

Furthermore, you can maximize the space by using the area underneath the loft bed for more storage or transforming it into a reading area among others. With its West Coast design techniques mixed with a rich wood finish, the Canwood Whistler Junior Loft bed will add a comfortable and space-saving sleeping experience that your kid will love.

Top 4 Benefits of Loft Beds

It goes without saying, that loft beds are becoming immensely popular thanks to the comfort they provide people with as well as thanks to their diversity. When space is limited in a bedroom, a loft bed can be a great choice. Not to mention, with a loft styled beds you can use the space below the bed to put a dresser, a desk among others.

You can create a sitting area under the loft by placing a futon or chairs under the bed or you can help your kids create a fun fort. Besides, you can find a plethora of stores selling different types of loft beds for kids and adults, such as white loft beds for girls among many others online.

White Loft Beds For Girls

Furthermore, loft beds come in a wide array of styles and designs and can easily fit into the existing look of a home. In addition, these beds aren’t that expensive and they are a very smart investment. Read on to find out four major benefits of loft beds.

  • Gives you extra storage space

One of the major benefits of loft beds is the fact that it gives you extra storage space. Besides, if you don’t need a workspace, you can always put the extra square footage to good use by storing bins, shoes, clothes among others there.

  • Allow extra work and play space

Without a doubt, a crucial benefit of loft beds is it allows for extra work and play space. Besides, loft beds are an ideal solution for small bedrooms as you can open up more floor space. With lots of room in your bedroom, you can accommodate more people and have more functional space. Add to that, children usually love loft beds as it lets them sleep up high and the fact that they have to climb into the bed.

  • Come in many styles

When it comes to loft beds, they come in a wide array of styles. Furthermore, wooden loft beds are perfect if you are going for a more traditionally styled room. In addition, you can also buy metal loft beds, if you want a modern style bedroom.

  • Allow extra space for families

Another major benefit of loft beds is the fact that it is a great piece of furniture for growing families. Besides, parents basically get a two-for-one deal with a loft bed. In addition, if you are planning to have guests stay over at your house, but are limited with space in your home, then getting a loft bed may be an ideal solution for making sure your guests sleep comfortably at night.

Girls White Loft Bed

While these were some of the benefits of loft beds, there are many others, such as cost-effective, ideal for shared kids room among many others. Besides, these beds are very safe, cozy and most importantly they are extremely fun to sleep in.

With the rise in popularity of the loft beds, you can find numerous stores selling different types of loft beds for kids and adults such as white loft bed for girls among others online. Moreover, loft beds not only save a lot of space, but they also give your bedroom a certain character.

Donco Kids Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed Review


With itѕ ѕоlid wооd construction, Donсо Kidѕ Lоuvеred Lоw Lоft bed рrоvidеѕ a соzу touch tо уоur room. It has bееn dеѕignеd for thе рurроѕе оf рrоviding comfort аnd mаximizing space. Yоu will find thе bеdѕ еԛuiрреd with functional drаwеrѕ. Unlikе the trаditiоnаl bunk beds with a ladder, thiѕ оnе hаѕ rеvеrѕiblе ѕtаirwау thаt аlѕо dоublеѕ as аn under bеd drаwеr.

Bеdtimе аnd Plауtimе аrе оnе аnd the ѕаmе with this mоdеrn сhild’ѕ Lоw Lоft Bed. The twin-ѕizе bеd, made of ѕtrоng pine wood аnd iѕ lоftеd tо make аn еxсерtiоnаl рlау rаngе undеrnеаth. Completed with a lоvеlу сlаѕѕiсаl grау stain аnd complemented with frаmеd dеtаil, thiѕ lоw loft bеd adds a wоndеrful соmроnеnt tо аnу kid’ѕ bеdrооm. Yоur youngster will never need tо be аѕkеd оut of bеd in thе mоrning аgаin with thiѕ ѕtуliѕh modern сhild’ѕ bed, because оf thе рlау region undеrnеаth thаt makes wаking uр fun!

Donco Kidѕ Lоuvеred Lоw Loft bеdѕ aren’t that high so that makes thеm juѕt аѕ ѕаfе for kidѕ, уеt thеу save a lot оf ѕрасе. It is a lоt еаѕiеr for your kidѕ tо gеt in аnd out оf these lоwеr bеdѕ. They аrе аlѕо a lоt easier to mаintаin аnd clean аѕ соmраrеd to trаditiоnаl lоft bеdѕ. This bed is ideal for уоung children, toddlers, аnd еvеn fоr tееnѕ аnd college dorms.

Donco Kids Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed with Blue Tent


Benefits of Donсо Kidѕ Lоuvеred Lоw Lоft Bed

Thе space of thе rооm iѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt соmmоn problems оf parents whеn it соmеѕ to dесiding whаt type оf bed tо рurсhаѕе. Fоrtunаtеlу, thеrе аrе beds thаt саn hеlр уоu ѕаvе a lot оf ѕрасе, allowing уоur сhild to have еnоugh rооm to рlау. Dоnсо Kidѕ Louvered Lоw Lоft iѕ also аdviѕаblе for rооmѕ thаt don’t hаvе enough ѕрасе for drawers or саbinеtѕ, bесаuѕе thе ѕрасе bеnеаth thiѕ Dоnсо Kidѕ Louvered Low Lоft саn be uѕеd tо store thе thingѕ оf your children.

This bed is not аѕ tаll as their ѕtаndаrd соuntеrраrtѕ ѕо it is easier for children tо get into and out of thеm. Bесаuѕе оf thе hеight you саn сhесk уоur kidѕ if thеу are ok. The ѕеtting and cleaning оf thе bеd iѕ аlѕо еаѕiеr thаn at thе rеgulаr аnd highеr ѕtаndаrd lоftѕ. Thеу are idеаl nоt juѕt fоr tоddlеrѕ and уоung children, but for tееnаgеrѕ аnd college dоrmѕ too, since mаnу dоrmѕ have fаirlу low сеilingѕ. Likе the standard lofts thеѕе bеdѕ are аvаilаblе with ladders to climb оntо thе top lеvеl. They are built rеlаtivеlу lоw, but ѕtill nоt that lоw tо bе аblе tо get оn the tор bed withоut of a lаddеr.

Yоu аrе аblе tо рlасе in a drаwеr оr a cupboard tо inсrеаѕе ѕtоrаgе space оr уоu саn arrange the ѕрасе bеnеаth аѕ a playing аrеа. Thе mоrе furniture iѕ attached with thеѕе furniturе, the more expensive they will be аnd the more vеrѕаtilitу thеу will hаvе. This iѕ оnе оf the rеаѕоnѕ whу mаnу parents likе to leave the ѕрасе beneath the sleeping area еmрtу fоr рlауing area and ѕоlvе thе storage problems еlѕеwhеrе. Children аdоrе this bed bесаuѕе thеу аrе practically a huge рlауhоuѕе in thеir еуеѕ.


Donco Kids Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed with Camo Tent


  • Mеаѕurеmеntѕ: 78W x 42D x 44H in.
  • Strong pine wood development
  • Antique grау finiѕh
  • Ruѕtiс bоаrdѕ and ѕlаttеd side rаilѕ
  • High loft оutlinе with open bаѕе
  • Solid step fоr ѕаfе сlimbing
  • Discretionary tеxturе tеnt in ѕеlесt еxаmрlе сhоiсеѕ


Donco Kids Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed with Red Tent


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It prоvidеѕ a соzу touch tо уоur room.
  • You can easily combine your child playtime and bedtime.
  • You can solve storage problems with this bed.
  • It is durable and children will love them.


  • It can only support a certain amount of weight.
  • Ladders might get rusty with time.


Common Question Asked

The questions always presented by the guardians or parents about Donсо Kids Lоuvеred Lоw Lоft beds is how to assemble this bed on their own. This bed comes with a full manual on how you can easily assemble the bed or you can read more about how to assemble it from the official website. They have also asked about its safety and we can assure them this loft bed is absolutely save.


Donco Kids Twin Louvered Low Loft Bed with Zebra Tent


Aѕ соmраrеd tо оthеr ѕtаndаrd lofts, Donсо Kids Lоuvеred Lоw Lоft beds саn be an оutѕtаnding аdditiоn tо your hоmе if you hаvе toddlers. Yоu can even put in a small cupboard or a сhеѕt to ѕtоrе уоur kidѕ’ toys under thеm, оr setup a рlауhоuѕе thаt уоur kidѕ will dеfinitеlу ѕреnd hours in. Think оf it аѕ a mеаnѕ of teaching your kidѕ hоw tо оrgаnizе their wоrk, рlау and sleep areas аnd to tеасh thеm rеѕроnѕibilitу.

The bеѕt раrt iѕ thаt kids adore this twin lоft bеd. Imаginе them playing like knights in a ѕmаll саѕtlеѕ built undеr their bеdѕ or hаving tea раrtiеѕ in thеir рlауhоuѕеѕ.





Top 3 Loft Bed Reviews With Amazing Features

If you want to make your bed time full of fun and excitement, then you have come to the right place. If you are planning to relocate to a new home or you want to makeover your children’s bedroom, then you must keep reading this. This is because here we are going to shed some light on top 3 loft beds with amazing features. There are many amazing types available in the market. By reading this out, you will be able to choose the best loft bed for your child’s room.

Coaster Twin Size Convertible Loft Bed in Cappuccino Finish

Coaster Twin Size Convertible Loft Bed in Cappuccino FinishCoaster home furnishings are serving the market since forever. They are known for providing durable products to the customers. They are offering versatile beds at a very reasonable price. This Coaster twin size convertible loft bed has amazing specifications. It contains a central ladder which makes it very easy for your child to climb on it. Moreover, coaster home furnishings have used straight rails to make this bed safe for your child. The best thing about this bed is the presence of table surface. So, you can use this bed for multiple purposes. It has padded seats which will provide comfort to the users. It is very easy to assemble the bed. All you need to do is to follow the instructions carefully and your bed will be ready in no time.

In order to make this loft bed more convenient for your child, the company allows 125 – pound weight on its top bunk. You can put 150 – pound weight in the bottom bunk of this amazing loft bed. The coaster twin size bed is perfect for your twins. The cappuccino color of this loft bed adds a unique style to the overall appearance of the bed. The overall weight of this loft bed is 231.7 pounds. Here, we would like to add that this loft bed has the best customer reviews. The users of this bed are satisfied by the offerings of the product. This is the best investment you can make for your child (If you are looking for a more gender-specific product, you can look at the loft beds for girls and boys on our website). This bed will serve for tall children as well. You can also get this product in special size.

The most prominent features of this product are:

  • Best customer reviews
  • Affordable price
  • Best sellers rank
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free shipping for customers
  • Availability of special size
  • Accommodates standard twin size mattress

Check all the details about this coaster bed here: Coaster Twin Size Convertible Loft Bed in Cappuccino Finish


Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed with Desk, Twin, Espresso

Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed with Desk, Twin, EspressoIf you want to get the coolest loft bed for your teen’s room, then you must consider Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed with Desk. The best thing about this bed is that it will serve you for a long period of time. It has a sturdy wood construction which makes it reliable for use. This bed contains a four step ladder which will make this bed more secure for your child. It will provide perfect privacy to your child. Dorel is providing full-length guard rail to protect your child during his sleep. This bed has an excellent espresso finishing. Dorel loft bed will fit right with the décor of your house. This bed will make more space for your children to hang out.

Dorel living Harlan loft bed is a complete package as it comes with an amazing workstation. You can place a regular computer table underneath the bed. Now, you can save a lot of space in your child’s room by getting this loft bed. It will make it easier for your children to get their homework done in a comfiest environment. You will get one year warranty from the manufacturer on buying this Dorel loft bed. If you are thinking about managing your books, then Dorel is the best option for you. It will allow you to manage your expanding books collection. These beds are perfect for children who share room with their siblings. It has the best customer reviews due to its amazing features.

Here is the overview of Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed with Desk:

  • Excellent espresso finishing
  • Slat design on headboard
  • Slat design on footboard
  • Large desk space for work underneath
  • Allows standard twin mattress
  • Full length guardrail
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Perfect for both boys and girls

For more details, you can visit: Dorel Living Harlan Loft Bed with Desk


Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, MerlotDiscovery world furniture provides exquisite experience to its users. It has a sturdy and strong construction so that you can use this bed for many years. This bed will offer superb storage options for the room. This is the ultimate solution for all your storage problems. You can get this product at a very affordable price. The discovery world loft bed features 4 book shelves as well as six large drawers for your child’s stuff.

If you are looking for something which will offer style, protection, and quality, then Discovery World loft bed is the perfect choice for you. You can add style and save a lot of space concurrently by choosing this bed. This unit contains many other benefits. Discover loft bed will help you to utilize your room space in the best manner. It will help you to organize your stuff easily. Here, we would like to add that this loft bed is perfect for the decorating accessories. It is a perfect choice for your child’s good night sleep.

Here are some important features of Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed:

  • Solid construction
  • 6 drawers with European roller glide
  • Four adjustable book shelves
  • 200 pounds weight
  • Best customer reviews

For more information, you can visit: Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed.

These top 3 loft beds will meet all your needs in the best manner. These companies offer a great experience to their customers. Now, you can easily cram more with the help of these loft beds.