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Affordable Loft Bed with Desk, Adult Loft Beds and Loft Beds for Kids!

There’s no question that loft beds for kids, adults and teens are becoming more and more popular as people look to maximize space and create more functionality within their bedrooms. And what a great way to use that empty space above our heads in order to accomplish this! By raising a bed space 4 feet or more, we’ve now created at least 18 square feet of space that could be used for storage, study and entertainment!

If you’re in the market for a cheap, quality full loft bed with desk for yourself, your children – or you’re a student with a small college dorm looking to free up some extra space with a triple bunk bed – have a look at our excellent selection of quality, affordable loft beds for adults, teens and kids loft beds. The selection you see is based on quality, price and customer reviews, so you know you’re getting the best loft bed deals available on the web today!

Loft Beds for Kids – Most Popular Styles and Top Customer Reviews

There is a huge selection of kids loft beds out there today, and with so many options and styles to choose from, it’s not an easy task finding quality, cheap loft beds for kids that will suit your bedroom space requirements! Fortunately, we’ve done our research and have come up with some of the most popular and best reviewed kids loft beds on the web today. Whether you’re looking for a treehouse loft bed, a playhouse loft bed or even a castle loft bed (for your little girl) we have you covered!

Affordable Kids Loft Bed With Desk


Free Shipping

Stairs for Easy Entry and Exit

High Bed Rails for Safety

Accepts Full Size Twin Mattress

Integrated Study Desk Beneath

Storage Beneath Stairs

Sturdy, Metal Frame Design

Most Popular!


Free Shipping

Solid Pine

Wide Ladder Steps

Integrated Bookshelf

3 Drawer Dresser

Movable Study Desk

Low Loft Bed

Excellent Reviews!


Free Shipping

Desk with Coaster Wheels

Storage Shelves

Full, High Bed Rails

Accepts Full Twin Mattress

Sturdy Steel Construction

Supports 250lbs Max Weight

On Sale!


Quality, Affordable Kids and Toddler Loft Bed With Slide


Free Shipping

Low Loft Bed

Sturdy, Colorful Slide

Tent with Windows

Sturdy, Metal Tubular Frame

High Safety Rails

Excellent Reviews!

Excellent Reviews!


Free Shipping

Solid Brazilian Pine

Low Loft Bed

Tent with Door and Windows

Very Sturdy Construction

Easy Assembly

Space Saver!

Good Value!


Free Shipping

Low Stance for Safety

Solid Steel Construction

Full, High Bed Rails

Accepts Full Twin Mattress

Sturdy Slide 150lbs Limit

Sale Price!

52% Off!


Most Popular Loft Bunk Beds for Teens – Top Reviewed

Loft beds for teens are becoming more and more popular as bedroom spaces grow smaller and their personal needs continue to expand! A popular choice for teens and parents is the loft bed with desk underneath, which is a super way to add a comfortable study and entertainment area to a teen’s bedroom – without sacrificing space or comfort! Have a house full of teens with minimal bedroom space? You might want to consider an L Shaped Loft Bed – the perfect way to maximize bedroom space! Have a look at the popular, affordable loft beds with desks below for teens – these are all top rated with excellent customer reviews.

Affordable Loft Beds for Teens With Desk/Workstation


Free Shipping

Stylish Design

Accepts Full Size Mattress

Full Length Workstation

Quality Metal Frame

High Safety Rails

Easy to Assemble

Excellent Reviews!


Free Shipping

Full Size Loft Bed

Low Loft Bed

Workstation Underneath

Shelves and Post-It Board

Easy Assembly

Lots of Positive Reviews

Good Value!


Free Shipping

Twin Size Loft Bed

Solid Steel Construction

Full, High Bed Rails

Powder Coated Frame

Full Size Desk Underneath

Sale Price!

46% Off!


Quality, Affordable Full Size Loft Beds for Adults

Adult loft beds are becoming a popular choice for young professionals as they continue to downsize their living space with studio apartments, smaller houses and bungalow style living. With this change in lifestyle comes the need to create more usable space within the bedroom or living area, and what better way to do this than with an adult full size loft bed with desk.

To create a more usable, professional space, adults will be happy to know that many of the loft bunk beds offered today are designed with the professional adult in mind. So, what does this mean? Plenty of usable accessories that are carefully integrated with the loft bed to upgrade the functionality of the space beneath. Adult loft beds with desk underneath are the perfect choice for adults and young professionals who wish to combine their office space with the bedroom space.

Below are some excellent loft bed deals that will suit any young professional’s budget. Most not only come with a full workstation, but are come with storage, shelving and post-it boards!

Adult Full Size Loft Bed with Desk


Free Shipping

Stylish Design

Accepts Full Size Mattress

Full Length Workstation

Sturdy Wood Frame

High Safety Rails

250 lb Weight Capacity

Excellent Reviews!


Free Shipping

Full Size Loft Bed

Solid, Metal Frame

Workstation Underneath

Integrated Bookshelves

Easy Assembly

Perfect for Adults!

Good Value!


Free Shipping

Full/Double Loft

300 lb. Weight Capacity

Excellent Quality 

Desk with Keyboard Tray

Full Workstation Beneath

Excellent Value!

Most Popular!


Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes and levels of functionality. Looking for a study area to integrate beneath your loft bed? A loft bed with desk underneath is just the answer! For those of you looking for storage as well, there are plenty of loft beds with desk and storage that will suit your needs while adding a little style to your bedroom décor.

If you’re looking for even more selection – such as adult loft beds with futon, check out even more affordable loft beds sales below. You’ll find an excellent selection of quality, cheap loft beds for girls, adults and teens with only the best customer reviews.

The Loft Bed with Futon – The Perfect Solution for Space Starved Adults!

Tired of living in that smallish space with no room for entertainment? Then a loft bed with futon might just be the answer! Being that most beds take up the most real estate within any bedroom, the ideal solution is to get that bed up off the floor to free up more living space beneath. If you’re tired of starving yourself and your guests of that much needed space, futon bunk beds for adults are here to bring your small space decor to new heights. It’s time to free up some space with this affordable, ultimate space saver bed!


Click Here to Read Reviews and Get it With Free Shipping Today!

No longer just a utilitarian sleep solution for space-starved people, loft beds with futon is great for students who are planning to live in a small apartment as it can create and give you more space for your needs. Whatever that need may be, it sure will satisfy and suit your space requirements. Having a sleepover with your friends or maybe your classmates? Say no more, as it can also be converted to a twin over full bunk bed which can allow your guest to have a good night sleep and thus make your sleepover worth it even if the room is small.

futon bunk bed wood

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Loft beds are an ideal choice for students who require a study space in a cramped room. A small-scale room can easily be converted to a full service living area using loft beds with futon on the bottom. They are created to provide a large space to rest and kick back and relax, yet the space provided is not only for studying, but for storage and entertainment purposes as well. It is indeed great for students who are currently residing in a small room – loft beds with a futon are a cheap an all-in-one solution for those extra small dorm rooms or studio apartments.

twin over full loft bed with futon

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Not only are loft beds fun and practical – having one will surely save a ton of room as they free up valuable floor space that can be used for storage. As a space-starved person, there’s no reason to not have a loft bed! For adults, a high sleeper will surely save a few bumps on the head. You’ll come to appreciate the extra head space a higher than average loft bunk bed provides. For students, teens and adults, having a loft bed is perfect if you need a place to sleep, study or work – all in one cozy package.

twin over futon loft bunk bed

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Looking for a twin over futon bunk bed with mattress included? These are few and far between, but we have what you’re looking for! This solid looking adult loft bunk bed with futon would suit any decor – and fit in almost any sized room! Perfect for dorm rooms, studio condos and bachelor apartments!

wood twin over futon bunk bed with mattress included

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All in all, a loft bunk bed with futon or couch beneath can provide all the essential needs that a regular size living space could provide. Study, sleep, work or entertainment, you can easily convert your bedroom, studio apartment or condo – and even your dorm room – into a comfortable, practical living area.

White Loft Bunk Bed With Desk – Trendy, Practical and Stylish!

While parents and adults alike are looking for more ways to make use of valuable bedroom space, they’re also looking to add a little style as well! For those looking for a fresh, new look, a white loft bunk bed with desk is the perfect choice to solve this problem. A loft bed with desk is not only a great way to add a study space, it’s also a practical way to open up even more space for storage and entertainment. Adults, teens, students and kids will all appreciate what a loft bunk bed can do to open up valuable living and sleeping space.


Click Here for Pricing and Reviews

How can a loft bunk bed benefit the professional adult looking to add some extra work space to their smaller than average bedroom? First off, a loft bed does not have to ruin your taste in décor. Loft beds come in many stylish designs and colours – whether you’re looking for a white loft bed, a loft bed with couch or a loft bed with stairs – there are many practical, stylish designs to suit every and any taste and layout. Professional adult loft beds with desk are becoming a very popular choice these days for adding work space to small living areas.


Click Here for Pricing and Reviews

Are you a teen or a parent looking to add more space and comfort to a bedroom? Then a loft bunk bed with study desk is just the ticket! Not only will a lofted bunk bed with study area add valuable study space to any room, it’ll also open up extra bedroom space for that dresser or closet – more storage space the better! Even better, white loft beds have been a hot choice for teens due to their fresh style and ability to pair with any décor.


Click Here for Pricing and Reviews

Kids will love the additional play space a lofted bed will bring to their bedroom space! If you’re considering a treehouse or clubhouse loft bed, or a princess loft bunk bed for your little girl, it’s a safe bet your children will enjoy the fun, new atmosphere mommy or daddy has added to their bedroom space. Even better, they’ll also have a study area to work on that ever-important homework assignment that’s due tomorrow.


Click Here for Pricing and Reviews

White loft beds with desks are a hot trend among adults, teens and kids these days for good reason. Not only are they a practical, cheap way to open up living space within any bedroom, they’re also stylish in their own right. Also, a white loft bunk bed doesn’t have to be hard on the pocket book – there are plenty of cheap, affordable loft beds to suit any taste in style and budget.

Triple Bunk Bed – The Ultimate Bedroom Space Saver!

A triple bunk bed is a fantastic idea to save space within any bedroom, cottage or any room for that matter! Are you a family with 3 or more kids? Are you thinking of downsizing your home in the near future? Than a triple sleeper bed may just be the answer. Not only are bunk beds a great way to maximize space within a small home or cabin, they’re practical and often come with many accessories, such as; a desk, shelving and storage.

We’ve scoured the web for the best deals and customer reviews for bunk bed for 3 kids. Have a look at our top picks below and have a look at the customer reviews and great deals – you’re sure to find a bed that fits your situation and your budget!

Triple Trundle Bed – A Perfect Alternative

twin over full triple trundle bed

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A trundle bed for 3 people is not only a great way to make the most of bedroom space, they’re also more compact in size – saving even more space! This wood twin over full trundle bed is a fantastic alternative to the common triple sleeper and much more affordably priced as well. With free shipping and priced under $600, this is a hard deal to beat!

white full over full triple trundle bed

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

This beautifully styled white full over full triple bunk loft bunk bed with trundle is perfect for teens and adults. With the ability to accept a full size mattress on the upper and lower bunks – as well as the trundle – this bunk could sleep up to 6 people very comfortably! Constructed of solid pine wood and featuring full sized slats on the upper and lower bunk, this affordable bunk loft bed can be yours for just under $900 with FREE shipping.

twin over queen triple trundle bed

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

Here’s a loft bed bunk for 3 or more with raving customer reviews! Very stylish and built with quality in mind, this twin over queen triple sleeper trundle bed is an amazing combination of quality and affordablity! Aside from having 3 beds (upper – twin, lower – queen, trundle – twin) this stylish bunk loft bed also features 3 built in drawers beneath the trundle. An excellent value for under $1300!

twin over twin triple trundle bed

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

This wood twin over twin triple loft bunk bed with trundle is perfect for the little ones! Built with sturdy pine and finished in mahogany, this triple bunk bed with trundle will fit in virtually any sized bedroom. Accepts 3 full sized mattresses for all levels and easy to assemble. All of this for a price at just over $600 with FREE shipping!

Looking for more great deals on triple trundle beds? Click Here for a huge selection of loft bunk beds with FREE shipping and up to 75% off savings!

L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed – The Ultimate Bedroom Maximizer!

l shaped triple bunk bed

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

Looking for the ultimate bedroom space saver? This L shaped triple sleeper has the ability to be tucked away in the corner of any room which will free up tons of usable space! Constructed of solid wood and finished with a natural, non-toxic finish, this corner bunk loft bed is comfortable yet functional. Accepts 3 regular sized twin mattresses and features an impressive weight capacity of 250lbs for each bunk. A great deal with FREE shipping at just $820!

l shaped triple bunk bed with futon

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews!

Looking to add a little living space to your bedroom? This L shaped triple loft bunk bed has 2 twin mattresses up top, along with a double sized futon at the bottom. Also comes with additional storage space below the futon (optional). This excellent quality bunk loft bed for 3 or more people is perfect for those looking to add a little functionality to their sleeping quarters! A great deal for just under $950 and FREE shipping.

Cheap Triple Bunk Beds with Trundle

Looking for a nice selection of affordable bunk beds for 3? Below you’ll find our top picks which are all sale priced at $699 or less – with FREE Shipping! These bunk loft beds are the perfect alternative to the traditional tall tri bunk bed.

wood twin over twin triple trundle bed

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This solid wood twin over twin trundle bed for kids is a steal at just $502 with Free Shipping! Stylish and quality construction make this a nice addition to any bedroom.

wood full over full trundle bunk bed

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This solid wood full over full bunk bed with twin trundle is the perfect triple sleeper for large families! Excellent quality and design and sale priced at just $558! This deal won’t last long, so get it while you can!

wooden twin over twin triple bed with trundle

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The best in quality and functionality, this cheap triple bunk bed with trundle from Bedz King is sale priced at just $599 with Free Shipping!

Looking for more cheap yet excellent quality bunk and lofts beds? Click Here to search through a huge selection of loft bunk beds and deals at up to 75% off!

Triple Bunk Bed Plans

Would you like to save a few bucks and build a triple sleeper yourself? Watch the video below for some great tips and ideas!

Full Loft Bed with Desk – Perfect for Students and Young Professionals!

Are you looking for a new bed? Can’t decide because of space constraints?  Then a full loft bed with desk might just be the answer! Full size loft beds come with many features – one of those features is a desk that can be accommodated below the bed. In fact, loft beds are becoming a trend these days because of the advantages they provide to adults and students, such as providing extra storage and space for study and entertainment.

There is good amount of storage space below the bed and this space that you get below the high perched sleeping arrangement can be utilized for the storage of various kinds of things. You can get a wardrobe made to store your clothes and drawers to store things of daily utility in those drawers. This will make your home look more organized and clean as there is left more breathable space in the house.

full size adult loft with with desk

If your line of work requires you to have a working area or a desk, then you can get that built in the space right below the bed. A full loft bed with desk is the best option for the professionals and college students who have a single room apartment. This will help them maintain the apartment easily without creating much mess. You can have on the sides some cabinets and drawers that can be used to keep your everyday stuff.

adult full loft bed with workstation

The loft type beds are the best way to make the small room look and feel much bigger than it actually is. The free space that you get below the bed will allow for more breathable, comfortable area that will provide lots of extra room for your various needs.

full size kids loft bed with desk

There are many things that must be considered before arranging for the loft bed. First of all you, must make sure that the room that has these loft beds is airy enough. The accommodation of many people in one room can make the room congested even if the arrangement of the beds has been made to be a spacious one. So if the room is well ventilated the people living there will not feel suffocated. Second thing is the provision of light both natural and artificial for the beds that are paced high up in the room. The natural light is helps in purifying the room and killing the mites and other germs in the bed whereas the artificial light will be helpful for reading in bed. The third thing that is of prime importance is the height above the bed. You must always make sure that there is ample of room above the bed to prevent any head bump injury to the person sleeping in the bed near the ceiling.

adult full size loft bed with desk

The loft bed is a new rage these days because of t being very user friendly and space saving. The full loft bed with desk is a great option for all the people who are single and want to save money by having a small apartment just enough to suit their needs, the loft beds can be very cheap and thus save you money on the bed too.

Affordable Loft Bed Kits For Kids, Teens and Adults!

Loft bed kits are a quick and affordable way to get a loft bed into any bedroom with minimal hassle. In fact, most loft beds for sale online these days are only available this way. Pre-assembled loft bunk beds are just too big and bulky to transport, and being assembled before hand, they’d be nearly impossible to fit into the house – let alone the bedroom!

Another benefit of a loft bed that requires assembly, is the cost savings. Because the manufacturer is saving on labor by not having to assemble the unit, these savings are now passed on to the consumer. How much are consumers saving on average with a boxed up loft bed assembly? Likely between 10-30% – and when you think about a loft bed that’s priced up in the $1000 range, these are significant savings!

We’ve searched the web for the most affordable, consumer friendly loft bed kits for kids, adults and teenagers. These range from simple, metal loft bunk beds for kids to full size wooden loft beds for adults!

Kids Low Loft Bed with Desk, Dresser and Storage

kids low loft bed with dresser and storage

This solid wood loft bed kit for kids has it all! Not only is this kids loft bed low to the floor for added safety, it also has plenty of storage features that parents and kids will both love! With an integrated 3 drawer dresser, end unit shelving and a roll-out desk, this loft bunk bed is the perfect choice for any child’s bedroom.

Wood Low Loft Bed Kit for Kids

wood low loft bed for kids

This affordable wood low loft bed is a great choice for parents who are looking to maximize as much space as possible within their child’s bedroom. This loft bunk bed isn’t very high from the floor and features full surrounding bed rails for added safety. Also comes in white (for your little girl!) and has an optional tent that converts the lower storage area into a fun play area for kids!

Twin Loft Bed with Desk, Media Storage and Peg Board

twin loft bed kit with desk and storage

This all in one loft bed has it all! Perfect for older kids and teens, this solid birch bed features a rolling media station, a full length, wire storage racks and a peg board! It also incorporates a lower shelf to hold a computer tower if needed. This loft bed for kids or teens has raving customer reviews and price that will suit any family’s budget!

Beautiful Loft Bed Kit With Desk and Shelves

wood loft bed kit with desk and shelves

This gorgeous solid wood twin loft bed is not only value priced, it also has plenty of features that older kids and teens will love! Features include a full length desk, center book shelf and two multi level book shelves at each end. Also includes a slide out keyboards shelf if needed. This quality, affordable loft bed is built to last and priced for all family budget levels.

Metal Loft Bunk Bed for Teens with Desk and Storage

twin loft bed for kids with desk

Priced at just $369, this metal loft bed for teens has all the bells and whistles that every young adult will appreciate! Lots of storage options with shelving on both ends of the unit allows for books and nick-nacks to be tucked away neatly. And with the cozy workstation beneath, your son or daughter can study and do homework from the comfort of their own bedroom!

Solid Wood Loft Bunk Bed for Teens with 3 Piece Workstation

solid wood loft bed kit with desk and storage

This solid wood loft bunk bed has it all! Perfect for teens, this unit features a 3 piece workstation that incorporates a desk with keyboards drawer, end cabinet and storage shelving beneath. This loft bed kit is the perfect choice for teens with smaller bedrooms and require the extra study and storage space. Constructed of solid wood and veneers, this loft bed for teens is built to last for years to come.

Metal Twin Loft Bed Kit with Full Workstation

metal twin loft bed kit with full workstation

With over 140+ positive reviews, there’s a reason why this metal twin loft bed is a favorite among parents and teens! Affordable and with lots of great features, this loft bunk bed bed for teenagers has a full length desk with shelving on one side – perfect for study and entertainment! Also fitted with two ladders on each end to allow for greater accessibility. With a stylish design and built with quality in mind, this loft bed is a winner for parents and teens!

Full Size Solid Wood Loft Bed Kit with Workstation and Storage

full size wood loft bed kit with desk and storage

Here’s a solid wood full size loft bunk bed kit that’ll last a lifetime! Made with mortise and tenon joint construction, this solid birch loft bed for kids and teens has a ton of useful options! Features include a full length workstation with drawers and a peg board to keep organized! The full size frame is also capable of holding a regular sized mattress, and the high bed rails are featured for added safety.

A Castle Loft Bed for Your Fairy Princess!

Fairy tale loft beds are every little girls dream! So, it’s no surprise that any little girl would be beyond the moon when she finds out she’s the new princess of her very own castle loft bed. These fun and creative children’s bed are not only a great way to maximize space within your little girl’s bedroom, they’re also a fantastic way to enhance your child’s imaginative side. Imagine all the stories your little girl will have when she emerges from her enchanted bedroom!

While these lovely beds are intended to add more creativity and fun to your child’s room, they’re also meant to help with organization and storage as well. In most cases, you’ll be able to add an extra dresser or shelving beneath the loft bed. However, many of these girls loft beds reserve the extra space for play time. Or you can even combine the space for both storage and entertainment!

Below is our top 3 picks for the most affordable, quality castle loft beds based on customer reviews.

Pink Princess Castle Loft Bed for Little Girls

pink princess castle loft bed

This lovely princess loft bed is a popular choice among parents and little girls! With a sturdy, solid wood frame capable of holding up to 400 lbs., this pretty loft bed will hold your child and her friends! Also incorporates a slide and ladder, which are interchangeable. The front, side and rear panels are made with a durable cloth material and are even fitted with cute windows with curtains adorned on each side. This adorable princess castle loft bed is every little girls dream!

Affordable Castle Loft Bunk Bed – Pink

princess castle girls loft bed

Here’s an extremely affordable girls loft bed with all the features of the more expensive options! This uber cute princess loft bed is constructed of solid wood with high quality cloth panels on all sides. Other features include flower themed windows, slide and easy to climb step ladder. This kids loft bed is not only pretty, its also very sturdy and built to last!

Boys Castle Loft Bed – Blue

boys castle loft bed

Castle loft beds aren’t just for girls! They’re also for little boys, too! This very appealing and cute “prince” castle loft bed has a ton of neat features that any little boy will love! Interchangeable step ladder and slide, quality solid wood construction, eye pleasing colors and fun windows, this little boys loft bed with keep your child busy for hours!

Adding a loft bunk bed to your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be for space saving reasons only. These type of fun and creative loft beds are great choices to improve your kid’s creativity skills and are actually proven to help them sleep better at night!

Affordable Toddler Loft Beds with Slide – Fun and Creative!

What a better way to add a little fun and creativity to your child’s bedroom than with a toddler loft bed with slide! More often than not, parents are looking to transform their kid’s rooms into place where their children can do more than just sleep! And besides, a bedroom shouldn’t be all about just sleeping – they’re also a place where kids (and adults!) can be themselves and enjoy the things they like to do. Whether it’s watching TV, studying, playing with friends – a bedroom is a place where all the things that make us happy can be enjoyed!

Affordable Toddler Loft Bed With Slide

toddler loft bed with slide

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While you might think that adding a slide your kids room would be somewhat dangerous, that’s far from the truth! In fact, it’s actually safer in many ways due to the ease in which kids can exit the top loft bunk bed. Instead of nervously climbing down a ladder, you child simply has to plant their butt down on top of the slide, point their feet in the right direction, and slide on out! Kids loft beds with a slide offer a much safer option then those beds fitted with a ladder.

Metal Kids Loft Bed with Slide

cheap kids loft bed with slide

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To also ease the safety concern with toddler loft beds with a slide, most of these loft beds are lower to the floor then most other loft beds. Generally, only about 3 to 4 feet off the floor. So, where is the safety benefit here? Well, they have less far to fall – if that ever happens. And second, kids feel much safer and more confident sleeping and playing on loft beds which are lower to the floor. Low loft beds for kids are also sturdier, as they have shorter legs which don’t flex as much as longer legs in the taller loft beds would.

Kids Loft Bed with Slide and Tent

playhouse loft bed with slide

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Another real benefit of adding a kid’s loft bed with slide is that it’s proven that kids sleep better in a space that they enjoy and are comfortable with. Having a loft bed that’s both fun and comfortable is definitely a great way to get your kids to sleep at night!


The Perfect “L” Shaped Loft Bed for Under $800

An “L” shaped loft bed is the perfect solution for families with 2 or more children sharing the same bedroom. Or, a great addition to a guest bedroom that also serves as an office! These unique loft beds are also becoming more popular in college dorms as they open up valuable space beneath the beds that can be used for study and entertainment. These loft beds – which can sleep up to 3 people – are also a great choice for cabins, small apartments and even studio apartments which are shared by more then one person.

One particular problem with these unique, space saving loft beds was that they were either hard to find, or very expensive! Fortunately, we’ve done some research and found the perfect L shaped loft bed that’s perfect for kids, teens and adults alike! Even better, this loft bed is sale priced – and has enough room beneath for a few desks and plenty of storage options.

Solid Wood L Shaped Loft Bed for Kids, Teens and Adults

l shaped loft bed

Only $969 $769.99 – On Sale! FREE Shipping

Read all 18 Customer Reviews Here (4.6/5 Stars)

Proudly made in the USA of sturdy Pine, this quality, affordable loft bed for 3 is an obvious choice for people not only looking for quality construction, but style that meets their standards as well. Priced at just under $800 (with Free Shipping by the way!) this unit is the perfect balance between affordability and style. Other great features include:

  • Quality Triple Stained Pine Construction
  • 250 lbs Max Weight Capacity for Each Bed
  • Accepts Up to an 8 inch Mattress
  • Perfect for Kids (6+ Years), Teens and Adults
  • Easy to Assembly
  • Removable Lower Bunk Bed
  • Manufactured in the USA

With great features like you see above, it’s easy to see why this loft bed is such a great deal – and so popular among adults, teens and kids.

5 Treehouse Loft Beds Your Kids Will Love You For!

Want to surprise your child with a fun and playful treehouse loft bed? These adorable kids loft beds are not only a great way to maximize space within your child’s bedroom, they’re also a wonderful way to add creativity and excitement to their space! We’ve done our research and found 5 of the most fun, creative and affordable tree house loft beds available online today – we’ve done the searching for you, so you don’t have to!

Kids Wooden ClubHouse Loft Bed with Storage

club house loft bed

Constructed with 100% pine softwood, this wonderful kids loft bed was designed and built with quality in mind. This loft bed also sits low to the floor, so it’s perfect for bedrooms with low ceilings! The easy to climb staircase is great for kids entering and exiting the loft bed safely, each and every time. This fun little bedroom unit also comes with optional storage beneath as well!

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Kids L Shaped Treehouse Loft Bed

kids treehouse loft bed

This rustic and fun clubhouse loft bed is just the ticket for those of you looking for a great looking bed, but with lots of storage! Built with sturdy pine and finished in with a “barn board” feel, your kids will love the adventurous features of this fun bed. Features include, storage beneath the steps, 4 full size drawers, 3 shelves and an optional full size bed beneath. A real value for all these awesome features!

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Low Kids Loft Bed – Clubhouse Style!

treehouse loft bed for boys

This simple yet fun loft bed for kids has “fun!” written all over it! Built with high quality softwood pine and painted with that “weathered” treehouse look, kids will love the adventures that await them with this loft bed playhouse. Takes up very little room and has lots of extra space beneath the bed for a play area and storage. Also features a fun little look-out window at the top and ladders on both sides for easy exit and entry.

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Twin over Twin Treehouse Loft Bed for Kids

toddler treehouse loft bed

This wonderful tree house kids loft bed comes with plenty of fun and useful features, including front facing storage shelves and 3 full size drawers! Constructed of solid wood and quality veneers, this l shaped loft bed will give your child years of fun and well rested nights. The twin size bed beneath is perfect for those sleepovers or for a shared bedroom.

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Treehouse Loft Bed for Girls

treehouse loft bed for girls

This cute and cozy girls loft bed would make an adorable addition to your little one’s bedroom! With soft, pastel colors and accents, and useful features such as; 4 full size drawers, wide stairs and high safety railings, this beautiful loft bed for girls is a wonderful way to spark creativity and fun within your child’s room!

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